BlackBerry Storm Fry-ed Good And Proper

28 November 2008

Can a middle-aged, overweight TV personality REALLY condemn a new gadget to near-immediate death just days after its release? If you’re talking about Eamonn Holmes, then the answer surely has to be ‘no.’ But Stephen Fry is a different kettle of ball games altogether.

Lord Fry is a renowned gadget enthusiast with a loyal army of online followers who hang on his every tweet – a healthy 20,000 or so. So, when he got hold of the new BlackBerry Storm, didn’t like it one bit, he shared his feelings with his cyberfriends. Who then shared the criticisms with their own friends, Chinese Whispers-style.

The comments have become part of a huge wave of negative feedback about the Storm and manufacturers RIM look to be rushing out a firmware update in the not too distant as a result. Some of Fry’s tweets included…

"Been playing with the BB Storm. Shockingly bad. I mean embarrassingly awful. Such a disappointment. Rushed out unfinished. What a pity."

"Yes, I blame n'works more than RIM. Problems are terrible lag: inaccurate t'screen, awful, slow and fiddly text input. I SO wanted to like it."

"Plus the GPS maps won't work - issue with BIS connections. I see from forums postings this is widespread in the UK. iPhone killer? Ha!"

Bad news for everyone involved and another example of how, in the words of Lord Fry himself, “The net should make us all equal in our influence. Okay - more equal.”

Whatever next… Ben Elton bringing down BHS because he bought a shirt with a small rip in it? Paul Shane of Hi-De-Hi causing the collapse of a high street bank with a furious blog inspired by the return of an unpaid direct debit?

We can but dream dear people, we can but dream.

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  • Bob
    Steven Fry - notorious Apple fan boy slags off rival product. Bear fornacates in woods. Sun rises & Sets.

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