Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day - your thoughts and memories

18 November 2010

Bitterwallet - Who Cares Day quoteAnd so it came to pass, that a nation did revel in the opportunity to be rude to time vampires that post pointless prattle on Facebook and Twitter. Yesterday was Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day, and it was the chance to tell people who bore you online, what you really think of them.

Across the country, Twitter filled with tweets encouraging others to consider what they say online, to make it meaningful and relevant, while hundreds more avid Bitterwallet readers changed their avatars in support:

Bitterwallet - National Who Cares Day?

But really, it seems that National Who Cares Day was an opportunity for many of you to be an arse to friends, loved ones, the Royal Family and the President of the United States. Good work, team!

Bitterwallet - Who Cares Day 1

Bitterwallet - Who Cares Day 2

Bitterwallet - Who Cares Day 3

Bitterwallet - Who Cares 4

Capital effort. The good news is, a handful of you may not have risked relationships or arrest in vain - we'll be annoucing the winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and WiFi Kindles later this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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  • Willy-wonka
    Who Cares? ...Damn am I too late?
  • Mark M.
    I cared so little that I couldn't even be bothered to change my picture or post "who cares". Now that is dedication to the cause
  • PokeHerPete
    I actually almost scummed to such mindless promotion. However when I tried to change my profile picture on Twitter it never worked. Piece of shit website, Twitter is only used by teenage girls talking about Justin Bieber anway.
  • Jonny S.
    Baby, baby baby ooooooh Baby, baby baby oooooooooooooooooooooh
  • Joanna
    This is my new favourite holiday! I wanted to reply to everything my Facebook friends posted but I just didn't care enough to! :D
  • Nobby
    The best ones are ones where people have replied to the "Who cares ..." comment.
  • FFS
    Going to all this effort of changing avatars and posting on people's statuses etc, shows that these people care an awful lot about not caring. I care so little that I've basically ignored the whole competition, and as such should be winning a Kindle.
  • Boris
    I was looking forward to a major international disaster; a massive earthquake perhaps. What would you have done then BitterPurse? Gone all 'ooh we're so sorry for causing offence' to the thousands of buried childrens parents? Who'd care then eh? Yeah - you; you big softies. To show off your manyly Wallet status why not hold back on Who Cares day until somthing spectacularly bad happens and then announce it. That's hardcopre uncaringness right there. Double dare you.
  • -]
    Boris - why would they do that? I thought the point was to remark on the most vapid, inane trivialities that people post about, not on actual serious events. Looks like half the people in the screenshots above also completely missed the point (or were just desperate to win a competition by acting like the biggest tit that they could).
  • klingelton
    anyone else find teh name "stephanie youngwood" remotely amusing? or is it my purile mind?

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