Beware scam Facebook events

scam Recently, a number of Facebook events have been set up for 'Total Wipeout style events', where basically, the whole thing looked like a scam to mine everyone's data.

Well, it looks like there's more cropping up, this time, for something called the 'Branded Warehouse Clothing Sale'. Numerous posts have been set up, at a host of locations across the UK, all happening around the same time, and not a detail of what is going on, or who is putting these events on.

The whole thing looks suss, basically. You can see one such event on Facebook, by clicking here.

On the page, it says: "Comprising excellent value for money with clothes from all different brands and all different styles. We will be travelling round the UK". It adds: "we are doing a sale of all different items of clothing, from different brands and styles, so you will be sure to find something that suits you! It will all be new, unworn stock that will be in great condition."

"We will be travelling around the country and visiting every major city in the UK."

Some of the pages have tried to get Facebook users to visit third party websites that request personal information, which it seems, is being passed onto companies who will spam you.

The Mirror ran a report on the Wipeout events, while there's also been a similar dodgy set of events called ‘Slide ‘N’ Fly’, which turned out to be a con.

Keep an eye out for these events - if they're vague about where they'll be taking place, and ask you for any details, then avoid them like the plague. There's a lot of them knocking around at the minute, so be wary.

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