Beware of boredom. May result in excessive cat facts.

So, it seems that some bloke was bored and put his phone number on Facebook, asking people to call him. We don't know if he got any calls, but he certainly got himself a load of CAT FACTS!




  • CatFact
    Cats do not like being bummed by a fox.
  • CatFact
    Cats most often have two functioning eyes but only one functioning nose.
  • CatFact
    There are currently more then two cats living in the UK.
  • CatFact
    A cat will lick its anus because cat shit tastes like tuna. Yum-yum.
  • Need F.
    Where can I subscribe a number to CatFacts? I'm sure my boss would absolutely love to receive an interesting fact about a cat several times an hour.
  • CatFact
    Cats are the only animals that like Jazz music - but only improv.
  • CatFact
    Cats have livers that smell of raspberries but, ironically, are allergic to raspberries.
  • ChinaMan
    It is estimated that around 4 million cats are eaten in China each year, and that the number is rising.
  • ChinaMan
    True Story.
  • Shaniaa
    CAT FACT: Cats do not make very good rugs.
  • TheHick
    Cats do not in fact have nine lives at all. Nor are they from outer space as depicted by Disneys 1978 epic hoax; Cat From Outer Space.
  • evil n.
    stolen straight from reddit :)
  • Rob
    Cats like looting.
  • Middle-aged w.
    Cats actually like being thrown into wheelie bins.
  • SgtMunky
    Cats taste like chicken
  • Don't C.
    Cats can see off crocodiles if there is food involved.
  • EGG
    Cat Fact!!!! Cats are not dogs.
  • Dick
    Selina Kyle is Catwoman's real name.
  • TheHick
    My friend is a spiritual, tree hugging type of guy. He actually believes that if a Tiger swipes you half a dozen times you will actually die! I was fighting back the tears when I told him; don't be so stupid, and if in any doubt to watch any Tarzan movie. Dying from a Tiger mauling, what a donut!
  • Mike H.
    Serves you right you iPhone owning CUNT!
  • JonB
    What? No jokes about Cat Deeley?
  • Catfriend
    MYTH: cats do not have 9 lives. My neighbour can vouch for this after Mr Tibbles met my chainsaw.
  • Cat-jabber
    Cats have 4 legs but sometimes they get run over and then they have 3, 2, 1... or they have none and they're dead

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