Ban mothers from Facebook

15 January 2014

The government has opened up their doors to allow we, the people, to petition against the things that really matter in modern Britain. And so, to an official petition started by 'James' who want to ban mothers from using Facebook.

The blurb is expertly concise.



However, with only two people signing up thus far, it looks like the mothers of Facebook could be winning this battle, annoying their offspring by uploading embarrassing photos of you when you were young and signing up for things that are clearly scams.

If you're a celebrity that would like to throw their weight behind this cause, visit

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  • Gr E.
    Slow news day?
  • jokester4
    Now up to 8 signatures!!!! If this petition was to ban mothers from posting dozens of pictures of their baby and writing a status every time their kid says/does something, I'd support it 100%. Honestly, my Facebook news-feed is full of this shit...
  • Ian
    This reminds me of a freind on Facebook who I've never met and have to think what she looks like because her avatar has been a photo of her daughter for so long.

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