At last - the Twittering shoe!

2 February 2010

rambler3 Are you worried that your inane musings on Twitter might actually be the most boring thing on the entire network of micro-bloggers? Don’t worry because they’re not.

This is. It’s the tweeting Twitter shoe, or the Rambler to give it its correct name.

The innovative little devils who came up with it explain…

“Everyone that uses the microblog service notice the massive amount of useless information that is spread over there. This project intent to criticize this by posting literally every step you take in real life.

A sensor embedded under the sole detects when the wearer is walking. This information is sent via blooetooth to a mobile phone that makes the postings on Twitter. When the sensor detects a certain amount of pressure, the word “step” is posted. For the other moments the “.” symbol is posted.

Following these postings one can know if the wearer is walking or not and also predict his speed.”

Blooetooth eh? Cool. Sadly, it looks as though the Rambler isn’t going to catch on – since it started tweeting on January 8th, it has amassed the fairly poxy total of just 100 followers. In fact, the shoes haven’t even tweeted since January 9th.

Has someone nicked the Rambler shoes? They have? Good.

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  • Jack
    haha, do not follow this person!! Let them fail
  • The B.
    Sounds like they need a good kicking.
  • Nobby
    Edible twitter pills would be cool. I'm eating. I'm digesting. I'm shitting.
  • GB
    Very surprised not to see 'Shoetooth' used in this article.
  • Jase
    Urgh, imagining following them and being on TweetDeck...*beep* *beep* *beep*
  • Katharyn L.
    nice research man

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