Argos sack long-standing worker for pair of moany Facebook updates

Bitterwallet - Argos featured argosLogo High street catalogue addicts Argos are currently in the eye of a controversy storm after it was revealed that they sacked a cancer-suffering worker for having a bit of a whinge about his employers on Facebook.

56-year-old David Rowat got the boot after two Facebook updates that didn’t even name his employers, but were still deemed by Argos to be acts of ‘gross misconduct’.

What were these earth-shattering outbursts from David? Well, the first one was….

“Had a great day back at work after my hols who am I kidding!!”

Meanwhile, the second one was…

“Back to the shambles that is work”

Woah! Controversial stuff there! No doubt all of David’s 89 followers will have soon spread the word about David’s feelings, leading to a huge downturn in the fortunes of Argos. It’s simple – he had to go. And go he did, marched out of the Romford branch by security after being given the tin tack last Tuesday – a fitting end after 13 years of service.

David told the Romford Recorder: “I would understand it if I had said something really bad about the company, but it was a little grumble. I’m the sole breadwinner in my house – my wife had to take early retirement because of ill-health – so I’m not sure what I’m going to do for work.”

However, Argos have been bullish on the matter, saying: “This has been identified as a gross misconduct disciplinary procedure. We take matters of this nature extremely seriously and have arrived at this course of action after an extensive internal investigation that involved multiple factors and events. As a responsible employer it is our duty to uphold the confidential nature of employee disciplinary procedures.”

Of course, now the story is all over the Twittersphere and the bad PR for Argos will far outweigh any purpose that sacking David might have served. Oh dear.


  • oliverreed
    Nobody has ever moaned about their employer before have they, @ArgosCareers if you want to have a pop
  • Zleet
    Why are Argos keeping tabs on a workers Facebook page?
  • Baz
    WTF............ Argos,hang your heads in shame
  • Arrgh G.
    Most likely a way of finally getting rid of somebody who has been a problem for a long time, the final straw etc etc... You see it a lot in big companies and everybody else is relieved when they finally go
  • schizoelf
    This is not the first time Argos have done this lol
  • steve
    I've seen far worse posted by people about their jobs on facebook. If a member of staff feels the place is run like a shambles then maybe the management should looking why they feel that way and seeing if things could be done more efficiently. Nobody wants to not like their job.
  • Amy
    This happened to me, only not at Argos. So much for freedom of speech.
  • kv
    sounds like a Dail Mail story. being a cancer sufferer is irrelevant, you can't go on Facebook badmouthing your employer to everyone
  • oliverreed
    @kv - maybe, but it's hardly sackable
  • Justin A.
    Might be an Argos over-reaction, but the tale's moral is just don't drag negative feelings about your employer onto FB updates or Twitter feeds. It's a foolhardy move and not necessary. Vent to your mate down the pub or your partner after dinner, like in the old days.
  • Andrew
    Sue for unfair dismissal
  • Andrew
    Why buy from Argos when you can get things cheaper from the internet? You can save yourself a great deal of money.
  • Celia L.
    Well now everyone knows Argos are rubbish employers whereas before they were anonymous... very clever Argos! With intelligent management like that I'm glad I don't work for them!
  • sits w.
    What the f*ck is the matter with you lot? The only voice of common sense is KV. If this bloke didn't like his job he should just p*ss off and get another one - there are plenty of unemployed people who'd jump at the chance of a career - some ungrateful twat has one, whinges about it then moans when he gets the boot...? Good for argos!
  • Rasta P.
    No-one was forcing him to work for Argos. If he didn't like it there, leave and find somewhere else to work.....then he could have moaned all he liked about Argos. Motto: don't bite the hand that feeds you. Simple really.
  • gobsmacked
    " KV , sbaw and RP, Would'nt be Argos managemnt at all would you ..... if you can seriously comment and think that this guy deserved to be sacked over this we can only assume that that is excatly who you are!!!
  • Kick h.
    KV SBAW &RP.....Derr! how does it feel to be at't you? odds with everyone else? you really are Lowlife aren't you? I do so hope your little Right &Wrong Black & White nothing inbetween Sad Lives are rocked by Disaster.....Oh & if you r thinking of responding - Don't bother as you r placedon Ignore! Nice People you are- Not Byexx
    Come to Amazon and buy instead we look after our employees
  • Stu_
    Ha ha @ Amazon. I don't think so. kv: He didn't badmouth Argos by name. That's the worst of it. Either way, Argos look bad. Either 89 followers think Argos are shit employers (and probably 10% of those are work colleagues) or 10 million people now know that Argos are shit employers and fire people for the most ridiculous things. FFS Argos, grow up and accept criticism.
  • Toujours
    Right well I'm going do loads of collect @ store orders and not bother to collect. Going to get my mates to do it as well.
  • RumOwDave
    I wouldn't say that the comments were exactly harmful, big over reaction by Argos.
  • Meh
    The "negative status on Facebook" motto: Find it. Sack it. Argos it.
  • Niki
    He was probably sacked because Argos staff sign an agreement not to discuss work on social networking sites. He had to sign it as part of his contact and the stipulation is that if ou break it you get fired.
  • Gav
    @Niki - but he never mentioned that he worked for Argos. After all, who would?
  • Pete B.
    I am surpised that anyone of the 'floor' and in the backroom thinks Argos is a palce to have a long terms job. Only got to talk to people who have managed to get out to realise it is a slave shop just like most retail. As for the sacking, I cannot belive that Argos actively snoop, kind of implies someone just stumbled over it, or the guy in question chatted a bit too much and some manager got wind. In the long run this will make zero difference to Argos, we all know it, and the only loser is this chap for broadcasting his moans to the world. If I blogged all my gripes, I would not get a job this side of the moon.
  • Liam
    Sorry but they should have known. When becoming an employee of Argos there is a declaration regarding negative media on social networking. If they have a problem, then there is an internal whistleblowing policy, and internal helplines, or simply chat to the manager as to why they are not enjoying their jobs.
  • Ciaran G.
    Work for Argos no way bruv, I earn a nice little crust fiddling the state benefits system and supplying dope and a bit of kiddie porn here in Co Cavan and I'm not even fecking Irish Jah. Dead end jobs for dead end people.
  • Derek Q.
    Argos? After years of perjuring for the police I can afford elsewhere!
  • Little B.
    Chat to managers are you having a laugh .they do nothing but backbite all staff Argos a joke to work for. And dare say anything to manager about another manager it gets right back at you. Your left picking picking Picking .Talk to the manager my ass

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