Argos: replying to tweets in slang

Lazy comedians, when they've run out of ideas, always gravitate to one thing: Talk like you're a scally. We're looking at you Lee Nelson's Well Good Show and anyone on a panel show saying "iz well sick innit bruv?"

Getting in on the act is Argos. They replied to Immy Bugti on Twitter, when he asked for PS4 stock (amongst other things), like they were Ali G or something.



Of course, all the press loves it when this happens and coo about the funny way people talk. We look forward to Argos replying to a German by spelling "the" as "ze" and saying something about being "ronery" to Asian customers.

*sideways look to camera*


  • jim
    ha ha ha ha hilarious! man the hours must just fly past at argos! ahhhh... seriously though what a bunch o nobs
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Innit bad man ting

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