Argos Aliens want you to name their baby

argos aliens You've seen the Argos Aliens who, basically, are Outnumbered with even colder, deader eyes. Now, they're reaching out of the television set and asking you to interact with them on Twitter.

At the ArgosAliens account, they spout limp nonsense and all the stuff you'd imagine a marketing drone to find cutesily amusing... but now, one of the aliens is pregnant and they want you to name the baby.

They announced the pointless news with this status: "Hello Earthlings! We'd love for you to #NameOurBaby. Tweet us your best suggestions with the # and we'll put our favourites to a vote. ^Mum"
So, of course, this is your chance to air all your Argos based problems through a competition where you probably won't win anything. Crowd-sourcing always works best when people hijack it for their own puerile needs!
Do your worst.


  • shiftynifty
    Shit Store...Shit products.... Argos (Are) (Really)(Gouging)(Out) (Shit)
  • Alexis
    I remember thinking "I hope these shitty muppets are only here for Christmas" in 2011. Two years later we're still stuck with them.
  • Roland G.
    The most pointless, shitty and self-harming advertising since Rolf Harris on the Stylophone. Who thought/thinks this works for Agros?
  • badger
    A crap marketing idea, poorly executed, with zero appeal.
  • Chewbacca
    Little baby felcher...
  • jim
  • Me
  • chewbacca's c.
  • pamela s.
    I really love the allions, they make me lauph. I think the baby should be called Earth or Eartha or earthly ,cause its where it was conce.aved
  • christina
    ZULA :)
  • jonathan g.
    Chewbacca or alien alan
  • kim
    I think the baby alien shud be called Elliot or E.T for short I also think the aliens are quite cute .
  • olivia
    I think the baby should be called zorga and the baby is very cute
  • Hoogan D.
    Aloda Bawlix.
  • Isabel l.
    I think you should name the baby Argo
  • ruby
    Alien babys name Boo-Boo
  • ellie k.
    I think u should call it jack
  • ellie k.
  • Julie
    Baby alien should be called Astral
  • wendy
    Sogra argos spelt backwards
  • Ivy R.
    Bright is the meaning of Argos .
  • wendy
    Sogra argos spelt backwards
  • Ivy R.
    Bright is the name meaning Argos.
  • Meg
    Name the baby PAUL!!
  • Karragen
    Name the baby Karragen,OMG!! It's such a unique name:-)
  • joanna
    Baby should be named Jason From Jason and the Argo s nauts!!
  • Tracey
    Name the Argos baby Zekton The baby is soooo cute on the advert.
  • Chewbacca
    Who the fuck are all these morons? ^ It's going to be called Felcher. You heard it here first, you fucking cretins.
  • Tracy G.
    Baby should b named Argos
  • Mr. P.
    @ Chewbacca All we hear from you is "fap fap fap"
  • shiftynifty
    What about ...Twat...
  • catriona
    Baby should be called STARTGOS
  • Sandra
    Name it sky
  • Ollie
  • Carla
    Name it carla Louise
  • emma
    baby blue
  • Chewbie
    Call it Marley and Flex wit da erb
  • Alexis
    Any chance of banning all the IPs of the freaks above?
  • capricorn66
    name the baby SNEILA SOGRA
  • jackie c.
  • hannah k.
    U should call it dookey for a boy and for a girl zahara
  • sandra
    the baby should be called ROGAS an anagram of argos
  • Mike O.
    Is this mumsnet now or something? 'tards.
  • Mr M.
    Guys Get in the groove, think about how the characters perceive Earth and Earthlings. Based on their mind set I think a suitable name would be ClingFilm! :-)
  • Dick
    How about "12 minute wait at collection point B, the one with the girl (yes, that is a girl) with the awful acne that hates her fucking job and is going to let you know it through her complete lack of interaction with you"
  • Troll
    Ana Lly
  • Spencer
    Call it Baby P (the 'P' stands for Prices - which are always low at Argos)
  • Amy
    I think the baby should be called Argo ! :)
  • chewbacca's c.
    Short list. Lucky Pierre, Hot-Karl, Nambla, Mr T Bagger, Les Bean. Favourite - Snoodler.
  • chewbacca's c.
    Just hope it's not a mong.
  • Olivia
    You should name it Astrix
  • Louise H.
    Name the baby - AOOS Always out of stock!!
  • dilwynne W.
    got to be called sogra
  • Jayne
    Call it argosy
  • mandy
    You shall call the baby blue face
  • chewbacca's c.
  • chewbacca's c.
  • argo
  • jamielee f.
  • jamielee f.
  • jamielee f.
    call it noodle or noodles
  • akie
    it may sound mean the babies cute but how about we call it yuck
  • manny
  • manny
  • manny
  • jamie-lee f.
  • jamie-lee f.
  • argostus
    as in the store argos!!!!!!!
  • jamie-lee f.
  • jamie-lee f.
    arg or org
  • Louise M.
    I think you should call it TOBY or STEVE and if its a girl you should call it CHARLOTTE or MEGAN
  • lil
    baby should b called herman
  • Dawn T.
    Should be called sargo
  • Pauline G.
    Think the baby should be called "SARGO" sounds good.
  • Shell
    Doug or Hugh for a boy and Chikita for a girl
  • lauren
    called it arga
  • lauren
    i mean call it arga
  • jayne h.
    Should be called. ... Sogra x
  • Georgia
    I think they should call the new baby Argoze, Azyer, Blue,
  • Melody b.
    Melody or Jennifer for a girl Austin or Michael for a boy
  • s b.
    call baby gail
  • Megan
    Ooops sorry about that last post,Melody or Jennifer for a girl Austin or Michael for a boy
  • Mummy p.
  • Mummy p.
  • Phoebe
    It shud be called COLIN
  • Hannah
    You should name the baby Bob! Bob is an awsome name!:')
  • angie c.
    name hime osgar an anagram of argos
  • Annie
    Yeh! Hannah I ❤ the name Bob! BOB RULES
  • Shanice
    You should name the baby zigworth
  • daisie
    defo fletcher .my son used to look like them aliens when he made faces
  • NIAMH A.
  • Philip s.
  • April M.
    I think is should be called argosmo or Cosmo
  • lorry
  • April M.
  • Heather O.
  • Abbyyyyyy
    I think it should be called bubble or blurry
  • Lyric
    Call the baby olley
  • shiftynifty
    Outa of stock ...or reserved.....or even argos catalogue
  • skidrick
    the baby is sooooo cute so call it LULU or CERUB !!!! a cute baby with a cute name !!!!!!! :D
  • Lyric
  • Lyric
  • Lyric
  • Rebecca
    its defo my name
  • Hayley
    cat short for catalogue.
  • Gary
    me dad
  • Sam
    me dog
  • Sam
  • Gary
  • Rebecca
  • tara
    I think u should call it argo
  • Andrea
  • tony p.
    you could name your baby SORGA anagram of argos
  • trish
    Brian yeh baby Brian
  • Claire
    Sparkle with those big eyes
  • janice
    the baby name, Sogra, Argos backwards.
  • susan
    girl: leka boy: diggie
  • Alianne
    baby is adorable and should have a universal name
  • Kirstie
  • Jean
    Name should be from another planet
  • lisa
  • zaara k.
    Call it a unusal name like sogra or shanzay or even shabinia
  • Georgia R.
  • shiftynifty
    what about...oi are you fucking serving me....
  • ann
    You should name him archie or argie
  • angela g.
    call baby our gus (get it argos)
  • katie
  • Jessica E.
    Argo or args
  • Toni w.
  • Chelsea A.
    Carly, holly, bob,sparkle,
  • anne w.
  • Carol
    Edd gar
  • Leigh
    Why not call it Marsha or Marshall. As they probably Martians.!!!
  • Naira
    Native American for big eyes
  • rachael
    I think he should be called Lucas x
  • katie
    Baby nile or sogra
  • Hayley
    Boy : Jebidiah girl : millificent
  • Lisa J.
    Name the baby Argusta
  • Amelia
    Call him gurgle I have no idea why just a weird name
  • Brian C.
    Call the baby MAC short and sweet.
  • Nicola P.
  • Emma
    If its a boy then it should be called. Wolly because they like gherkins and they have a huge cupboard of them. If the baby is a girl it should be called. Emma because its the best name and plus its my name.
  • Buttercream26
  • Olly m.
  • Peter
    ARGON - I'm full of gas!
  • Steve O.
    name baby gosel
  • julie
  • julie
  • judy
    Cosmo for a boy, Twinkle for a girl,
  • Tina
    Hi i think you should name the baby GUS..meaning are..gus
  • Cathy
    I think the baby alien should be called Ollie.
  • wOnKeY h.
    fox bummer
  • stace
    They should call there baby if its a girl..katie If its a boy ...charlie
  • digibanger
    doyouwantahandtocarrythatouttoyourcar alien?
  • mike s.
    The baby should be called a for a boy Arther Richard George Oscar Steven b for a girl Abagail Rose Georgina Olive Stephanie
  • Gary
    I think the baby should be called eva
  • Jack
    I think the baby should be called Eva
  • Carla
    I think it should be called sogra Argos backwards
  • Danni
    I think the baby sould be called eva
  • Ffyona S.
    I think that if it is a boy - freggo I think that if it is a girl - beanie
  • Ffyona S.
    If a boy - freggo If a girl - beanie
  • Chloe
    If its a boy Gerald. If its a girl Simargo
  • kay
    if its a girl allie if its a boy argie
  • kay
    if its a girl allie and if its a boy argie
  • charles w.
  • ann p.
    I think it should be argon for the baby
  • tracy
    I think the baby should be called sogra (argos backwards)
  • Teya D.
    a Girl tiana a boy arin
  • Kevin
    Watch the advert, they've had the baby
  • carole
    a boy..... Junius latin name for June the month the baby was born a girl..... Juno name of the roman goddess
  • lyd
    a boy..... Arg a girl..... Angelina
  • Charlotte
    I think the aliens should call there baby Lunar -if girl Apollo -if boy
  • Charlotte
    Sweetie pie Or Mercury
  • carole
    a boy...... Iuniores latin word meaning younger ones a girl..... Gemini birth sign of the month of June when we first saw the advert
  • holly
    If it's a girl zoozoo If its a boy freddie
  • Ruth W.
    Gus - as in 'Our Gus'
  • lis
    name it earth.... or after a planet!
  • Gemma g.
    If it,s a girl ruby or if a boy jack
  • Cat
    Got to be: Sogra: Remember its an alien and they all have weird names, remember E.T., after all Sogra is Argos spelt backwards !!!!!! he he he
  • Ellie b.
    i think that you should call the baby venos because hes from argos and aliens live on the planet venus. haaaaaa:)
  • terri-lou
  • tony f.
  • ALF
    What a cutie!.. Think ALF is a cute name.. Stands for Alien life form :D
  • Anna T.
    I think the baby should be called- If a girl Boo, Jodie, Cleo or Anna If a boy Brody, Tobby, Sully or mo
  • From, 2.
    Name your baby "Argostini".....
  • jeanette r.
    if its a girl BLOSSOM, if its a boy BOUNCER, because they luv their garden.
  • jeanette r.
    BLOSSOM for a girl, BOUNCER for a boy
  • amber h.
    I think you should name the baby Fingle
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erb wTF is dis? longes comment fredz innit
  • sarah
    gotta be called 'Our Gus'
  • baby B.
    Baby BLUE
  • Big M.
    Colin Oscar Tommy Davy Ethan Arthur Tiberius Homer
  • Big M.
    Homer Invictus Vernon
  • Chelsea A.
    Jiobbie, Carly Britntney
  • kankels
    brill name lol
  • jay j.
    Suggest "assoff" as in assoffargos or "aspar" as in asparargos
  • Linda V.
    Mork for a boy, Minday for a girl.......they were aliens after all, keep it in the family!
  • Reser
    Wow this post sure attracted all the dim idiots who cannot read to save their lives.
  • sophie
    baby blue
  • amy w.
    boom boom
  • Daniel W.
    Trog or chad
  • James P.
    A.T. - The Argos Terrestrial
  • JAMES S.
    How about Cosmo?
  • Barry
    I think it should be called Zorg or Zol!
  • Evie L.
    The baby should be called olly cos the mum said just a olly murs away from paradise and that baby would be adorable to be called olly
  • ifzan
    blue mars connected to Bruno mars
  • ATS
  • ellen
  • Clive
  • Dawn
    Peep Peep
  • Hannah W.
  • Katie W.
  • Valerie W.
  • ArthurWilletts
  • Katie w.
  • ulimited h.
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  • patricia r.
    GUS. so that when they talk about him they can say our gus ( argos)
  • Kay C.
    Trumpet (dont know why, i like it) or Sogra (its Argos backwards) I love the baby alien so cutee
  • ruby
    baby should be called B00,Boo
  • christina a.
  • linda b.
    calll him argustos
  • linda b.
    the baby should be called argutos
  • linda b.
  • linda b.
  • linda b.
    mash orgo
  • michelle
    How about mayzo thats cute xx
  • robert a.
    why dont you call the baby legolass
  • Tina
    Baby should be called emma
  • kk
    margo or bargie ar carlos argos
  • kk
    or carlos argos

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