Are you ready for the Facebook of football?

Are you ready for the Facebook of football?

Do you like social media? Do you like football enough to talk endlessly about transfer rumours, ill-advised tactical decisions, and how the Adidas Tango is the greatest football ever designed?

Well, it looks like there's going to be a 'Facebook for football', where you'll be able to talk at everyone like you should have your own scarcely-watched BT Sports football show.

There's a catch though. Sir Philip Green is involved, so if the fate of BHS is anything to go by, it might be destined for a bumpy ride.

The service has already signed-up European clubs including AC Milan, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Liverpool, and it is called Dugout.

Other founding members include Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain. Discussions are ongoing with Real Madrid.

Green's family has a minority shareholding in the company, and it wants to become the "dedicated football vertical destination for the 3bn-plus football followers around the globe".

Internal projections reckon that Dugout could make huge revenues (of over $75m and profits of more than $30m by the end of its second year of operations), based on the fact that... well... loads of people really like football.

Dugout think that the combined social media reach 425 million users. We'll see eh?

Dugout is going to be run by James Hilton and Elliot Richardson, who are two executives with sports and communications experience, and of course, there's going to be recruitment pushes to get people working in the sales team, and to provide 'content'.

Importantly, Dugout is going to be free for people to use.

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