Are you ready for Facebook for Work?

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo Facebook are going to be launching a work-friendly version of their social network, minus all that stuff you waste your time with.

Julien Codorniou, director of global platform partnerships at Facebook, explained that this new version of the network will be similar to the normal one, apart from the fact it is supposed to make you more productive. That means a lack of distracting apps and the like.

He said: "You cannot play Candy Crush on Facebook at Work. I would say 95 per cent of what we developed for Facebook is also adopted for Facebook at Work."

They've been testing it for a year, and it is nearly ready for release. It'll be an invite-only affair at first, and we've no idea if anyone has particularly wanted something like this to be invented. There must be money and data to be mined from this though, as Facebook wouldn't be bothering otherwise.

According to Lars Rasmussen, the engineering director leading the Facebook at Work project, he says: "Facebook became a bigger and bigger part of our work day. We've been discussing it for years so now we're making the first externally available product. I've had a long passion for making work more efficient."

"One very important aspect here for an employer is that when an employee shares content on Facebook at Work it belongs to the employer, whereas on personal Facebook it belongs to the creator."

There's something suss about all this.


  • Fagin
    facebook is utter wank at the best of times, sack morons accessing it at work. bloody gimps.
  • Albania f.
    I just want Facebook to disappear forever.
  • Father J.
    "facebook is utter wank at the best of times, sack morons accessing it at work." +1, Facebook is for brain-deads.

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