Are you letting HotUKDeals tweet at you? Because you should be

20 September 2010

Screen shot 2010-09-19 at 18.34.31 Hey there modernistas – you’re into Twitter, right? The social networking sensation that allows you to keep track of your mates, Justin Bieber, Stephen Fry and some arseholes who think it’s big and clever to pose as fictional versions of real celebrities. It’s great!

If you’re not already following the HotUKDeals Twitter thingy (it’s @HotUKDeals in case you hadn’t guessed) then you should be. That’s because it’s been spiced up recently and is now pumping out an hourly link to the latest trending deal. Which all means that you’ve got another way of being alerted to the hottest bargains and you might even get a chance to get some of them before they sell out.

Of course, there’s always the Bitterwallet Twitter thingy as well (@bitterwallet) - but you were already following that weren’t you?

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  • Amy W.
    Trending. Hahahahaha!
  • Darren
    I Don't use twitter.. TWIT: The kind of person that makes a retarded chimp look smart. That Explains why I guess.
  • PokeHerPete
    The only thing that trends on Twitter is Justin Bieber's period.
  • dearieme
    well,Im not letting hotukdeals tweet at me,because that would involve signing up to twitter which is inhabited by saddos with no life.
  • Lumoruk
    erm yeah no thanks
  • dunfyboy
    A bunch of twats talking out their shitter. Welcome to Twitter.
  • Adrianna
    you don't have to like justin bieber , but atleast respect that i do & think before you speak because he has feelings too :)

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