Apple employee attempts to explain Twitter to a buffoon

If you don't use Twitter or understand the point of it, you'll be none the wiser after this. Gagmeister Robert Popper calls up the Apple Store in Regent Street, to enquire how he goes about getting some Twitters. Disappointingly, the Apple employee doesn't want to be his friend as a result of their conversation. That chirpy in-store banter is all bullshit, kids - they just want you to buy stuff.

[Robert Popper]


  • Kevin K.
    Was there actually a gag in there somewhere? Fonejacker he is not.
  • PokeHerPete
    Ho ho ho, that made me buy a iPad.
  • Mark
    Well - That just wasted 2mins 24 seconds of my life !
  • Plug
    What a waste of electrons.....should they die so needlessly? Please up your game.
  • Borris J.
    @Kevin Kelmes: Thank Christ (Almighty) for that, Fonejacker is shit! Robert's actually funny. The Timewaster Letters is the best book of the 21st century. FACT.
  • Tweeknotes W.
    [...] prank call to the Apple store asking about [...]

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