Anti-deathwatch: Bebo

15 September 2014

It looks like Bebo is back. Back. BACK.

The apparently dead social network posted a teaser video on YouTube last week, which gave the impression that it was an app.

The ad - bugling itself as '#Bebo - probably not for boring people' (hark at them), illustrates how users are able to create avatars for their messages.


Also, the whiteboard feature will make a return, with users able to send drawings to each other. Remember that Draw Something thing?

It's still in its infancy of returning, but while the mothership has lain dormant, the company has launched Blab, and plans another two releases later this year, including something called Hug.

At one point, Bebo was the third largest social network behind MySpace and Facebook, and then sold to AOL for $850 million. It was brought back by the couple who originally owned for a mere $1 million after it went bankrupt.

That's some good businessing.

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  • DragonChris
    It was "brought" back? Tut tut.

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