All hail... the Twitter shoe. No, really.

Are you the kind of dude/dudette who (a) loves The Internet and (b) has no qualms whatsoever about wandering around the place all day looking like an utter twat?

If we’ve just described the actual you down to a tee, you’ll probably drool yourself into some kind of stupour when you see these – customised Nike basketball boots that will scream ‘Hello - I am a bell end’. Take your pick from Firefox or Twitter.


They’re the brainchild of ‘fashion designer’ Brass Monki (possibly not his real name) and are a perfect marriage of the classic obsession over online brands and... erm basketball. If his Google shoes are any kind of indicator, these will be about £250 a pop.

Still – it isn’t as bad as spending £715 on a white leather Star Wars tracksuit...

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 14.35.06


  • Joff
    WTF Andy, who made you Gok Wan!? I'm now getting the credit card out - those trainers will compliment the Stormtrooper tracksuit a treat.
  • Wozza
    All I need to go with the tracksuit is a big massive 'fro
  • Mad H.
    I bet that's not his real name. It's probably an anagram of his real name, Simon Krabs (snigger)
  • hippy
    as sad as it is, there will be people drooling over that tracksuit. Ill wait for the xxx websites version of trainers to come out
  • jeff
    no matter what you do in life someone is going to make a stupid comment about how they don't like what someone else did or made. People need not worry about how someone else made something they didn't like or did something they didn't like. Go get a life of your on and make something to your style of clothing or whatever you like. Stop complaining that this is stupid when you haven't made anything of your own to compare it to.

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