All hail the 'Thank you Facebook!' song....

20 May 2012

Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg has had a pretty good week – not only has he seen shares in the online irritant float for ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, he’s also got married. But we’re sure that the absolute highlight of his past few days will have watching this video – it features a song in which some complete dickheads thank him for Facebook. Our eyes are spinning in seven different directions right now…

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  • Use n.
    The Deathbird closed its wings over the Earth until at last, at the end, there was only the great bird crouched over the dead cinder. Then the Deathbird raised its head to the star-filled sky and repeated the sigh of loss the Earth had felt at the end. Then its eyes closed, it tucked its head carefully under its wing, and all was night. Far away, the stars waited for the cry of the Deathbird to reach them so the final moments could be observed at last, at the end, for the race of Man.
  • Q
    That was bloody painful to listen to. I think I need to bum a fox to take the pain away
  • LD
    Give ya's the dry boak
  • wtf
    wtf that vid is so fake. Its like those Jehovahs witness colour pamphlets. All smiles & happy people in the photos & pictures. What about all the facebook suicides, death threats & lovers cheating on their partners & sh** ?? Wheres the send up video?
  • Mark Z.
    Yeah, thanks guys and thanks for being such losers and sigining up for my website and making me so FUCKING rich, you fucking idiots!
  • Idi A.
    I've not been on facebook for ages. Bored with it.
  • Mike H.
    Do you really think Suckerberg gives a flying Royal Jubilee bank holiday fuck about that?
  • Priscilla C.
    Woo hoo! I'm going to be rich as fuck soon, as soon as I am bored with this pube headed dick I'm getting my hands on this wankers money and 'doing-one' Heather Mills style! WOOT LOL OMG LMFAO 'POKE' Posted from facebook

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