All Hail! The Domino's customer who is rather dim

2 September 2014

The anticipation when ordering fast food is unbearable. You order your food and get hungrier and then realise that, if they bugger your order up, you'll be so starving by the time it comes that you'll probably eat it, even if it is a dish of raw chicken thighs.

Well, one scamp ordered a pizza from Domino's and opened the box and got a nasty surprise!

The surprise for @SadderDre was that he can be prone to bouts of thundering thickness. He thought Domino's had send him just the base of the pizza, but that wasn't the case.



We can only be thankful to this young fella that he partook in this query in public, just so we could all see and snort with laughter at his daftness.


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  • Ray P.
    surely no cunt can be that fucking stupid? bound to be a wind up
  • Soronery
    Sadderdre - aka Saddickhead

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