A UK first! An arrest for the first troll to troll themselves!

6 February 2014

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A woman has become the first person in Britain - maybe even the world although it beggars belief –to be jailed for trolling herself on the internet.

Michelle Chapman, 24, bombarded her own Facebook page with abuse, after setting up fake accounts for her dad and her new stepmother after falling out with them.

Then, as if that level of admin wasn’t enough, she then sent herself hundreds of abusive posts, mainly of a sexual nature, according to the Western Daily Press

THEN, she reported this abuse to the police, claiming she’d been trolled by the couple, which lead to arrests and warnings by the police.

It was only when forensic internet experts looked through her computer, that they established all the accounts had been set up at her home.

Details of this madness were revealed at Truro Crown Court in Cornwall where Chapman was jailed for 20 months.

Unsurprisingly, she’s also been banned from ever having computer equipment or contacting her family again.

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  • Sneeky P.
    Hey like the Trolley guys, don't change will ya!
  • Trolley B.
    I am losing sleep over the trolley.
  • Ian
    "Her husband, Glyn Chapman, 57..." as if you needed further insight into her character...
  • Grammar N.
    I doubt she was jailed for trolling herself, more likely wasting police time or some other offence against her Dad and Stepmother.
  • fuqstix
    'Unsurprisingly, she’s also been banned from ever having computer equipment or contacting her family again.' Er....I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty certain neither of those things is true. (googles for 2 mins) I just looked up your 'story', and it appears to be from THE DAILY MIRROR. It originally reads 'Judge Christopher Harvey Clark also banned her from having computer equipment or contacting her relatives.' Notice the lack of the 'ever.....again' in the original article. Why did you add something so obviously ridiculous? Judges don't even ban paedophiles from using computers 'ever again', because they can argue back that's it's against their human rights etc. Basically, think about it before you make stuff up. Ta.
  • Marking M.
  • Han S.
    @Fuqstick - "Basically, think about it before you make stuff up. Ta." - Why would they start now?

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