A quarter of us think social media has improved customer service

27 February 2014

The world is full of people who take to social networks to voice their OUTRAGE and UMBRAGE at the first sign of a problem. But the number of people who think customer service has improved since social media made them more accountable has actually doubled.


Almost a quarter of the 2047 people who took part in the consumer survey from the British Standards Institution said that customer service had got better since 2008 – thanks to our new found ability to troll companies online. And HALF of the people in the survey actually said that they trust lunatic online opinion and customer reviews from disgruntled people calling themselves kaleesi26773. Jeeeeez.

But although some think that social media ‘shames’ companies into providing better customer service, 29% thought that it was getting worse. They complained of bad attitudes from employees, rubbish products that didn’t work, and uncompetitive prices.

Dan Palmer from BSI said: ‘Although this research shows that customer service has improved greatly, businesses still have a long way to go in bolstering the loyalty of their customers.’

But what would we do if we got brilliant customer service across the board? Where would all that bile go? What would we do if you take away our right to pen a vicious product review about a fan heater on Amazon, or slag off a cold cup of coffee at our local café on Trip Advisor, or write a sarky tweet to @southwesttrains?

Surely, Britain would grind to a halt…

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  • God
    It certainly hasn't helped FEDEX, who cannot cope with correcting a simple invoicing error without mixing up two completely different customers details and forwards the lot to a debt collector.

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