550 million Twitter accounts have never even tweeted

14 April 2014

Bitterwallet - Twitter's @earlybird Roughly speaking, there's 974 million Twitter users. That's impressive isn't it? However, according to the latest statistics from Twopcharts, there's a lot of people not using it once they've signed-up.

Around 550 million people haven't sent a single tweet, which is approximately 44% of Twitter accounts. It doesn't end there - there's millions and millions more who haven't used the social network for over a year. 126 million have sent a tweet at any point over the last 30 days.

In the past, Twitter have said that the service has around 241 million average monthly users who are active, which Twopcharts disagree with.

The discrepancy seems to lie in the fact that Twopcharts are looking at accounts that send tweets, while Twitter might have access to information on people who might not tweet, but are reading other tweets and logging in.

In addition to all this, Twopcharts' data reckons there are around 391 million Twitter accounts with 0 followers and over 232 million accounts who haven't followed a single user.

You could argue 'what's the point in setting up an account then?', but if you'd read some of stuff some people come up with, you could argue that no tweets are better than a hundred tedious tweets.

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