500 million use Instagram

500 million use Instagram
22 June 2016

Instagram may have messed around with your timeline, but for the time being, it is still fantastically popular, with a whopping 500 million users, actively sharing their photos and videos with the world.

That's half a billion people, all telling everyone that they've been for a run, had a day out with their children, and fishing for compliments.

IG say that more than 300 million people use it at least once a day, and according to the company, an average of 95 million photos and videos are uploaded every day.

However, is it about to become less popular, thanks to the timeline algorithm? Many users fear that this move has been undertaken in a bid to place more adverts in our feeds.

Co-founder Kevin Systrom says: "I can say for a fact that's absolutely not what this is about."

"Nothing about ads or how many ads we show is affected by what happens with the algorithm. This is all about making sure that you see the best stuff."

"What separates companies that make transitions like that and they are successful and the ones that fail, are the ones that have resolve and do it for the right reasons."

Of course, Instagram has been chided for promoting vanity, namely in the form of selfies. Not that teenagers and adults have been gazing at their own reflection since time began.

Systrom adds: "People like to think selfies are new. But if you look at the history of art, what's one of the largest formats?"

"It's the portrait. Now everyone can be an artist. That sense of identity when you're growing up, remembering where you were and what you were doing, is nothing new. I think Instagram just makes it very easy."

It remains one of the most checked-into social media sites, and won't be vanishing any time soon. Will Snapchat steal their crown? They've got some work to do if they want that.

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