You're going to the panto! (Oh no you're not! etc)

9 September 2014

Bournemouth_Pavilion_Peter_Pan_December_2014_310px_NEW Have you, by chance in the last day or so, opened an email and wondered how you managed to get tickets to see a pantomime in Bournemouth?

Well, you haven't been on hard drugs after all, it's a scam. A SCAM.

Known as the "Peter Pan virus" (which sounds like some unsavoury sex practice), due to the name of the production in question, it has been doing the rounds of the inboxes in the last 24 hours.

It is possibly the most convincing phishing email as yet, and WHY MUST THESE BOZOS KEEP DOING THIS. WHY?

Claiming to be from BH Live, it displays the recipient has booked nine tickets - NINE - to a 7pm performance of Peter Pan at Bournemouth Pavilion on December 23rd.

Phishing emails typically purport to come from organisations such as banks or HM Revenue & Customs, but this one is a bit sneakier and oddly British in approach. Rest assured, Bournemouth Pavilion are ON IT and have been warning people not to open it.

Thing is, BH Live is real, and one of their leisure entertainment solutions is the Pavilion, who are actually putting on Peter Pan this Christmas.

Although Earth Wind & Fire along with Sooty & Friends (not together, although that would be incredible) look like good nights out, should you find yourself down Bournemouth way.

But you're not going to the panto, soz. Put all this distressing phishing nonsense BEHIND YOU and delete it.

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