Yahoo finally confirm 500 million hack

Yahoo finally confirm hack

We said that Yahoo! were going to confirm the massive data leak, and now they have finally got around to it.

The huge breach saw a hacker making off with (at least) 500 million Yahoo accounts, and Yahoo! worryingly say that the breach was 'on behalf of a foreign government'.

It's between three countries, who really do have form for this, but legally we couldn't possibly say anything else.

Yahoo haven't explained why it has taken them this long to talk about the data leak, but blamed it on a 'state-sponsored actor'.

The FBI are looking into it, and said "we take these types of breaches very seriously and will determine how this occurred and who is responsible."

That'd be the FBI there, who hacked someone's iPhone themselves, and who had their own leak, but whatever.

Either way, this is a huge number when it comes to people's personal details being leaked, so it is extremely likely that regulators and lawyers are going to be all over this like a rash, and fines dished out, and compensation sought.

Yahoo! have been cutting-costs recently, and this isn't going to help a company that's already fallen from grace since its glory days.

The company have said that all affected users are going to be notified about the theft and advised how to protect themselves, but seeing as this hack is a couple of years old now, it seems a little too late.

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