Win a big bundle of bargains in the big Bitterwallet giveaway

Here at Bitterwallet, we just love giving. For example, owing to the fact that we operate out of a hermetically-sealed pod that’s situated 100 feet underground, we’ve been giving each other the same cold virus for almost a year now.

But it’s time to spread the love a little bit further, and hand out some prizes to a lucky Bitterwallet reader. All we ask is that you subscribe to the site, either by email or RSS feed and you could be the recipient of a five-item prize bundle.

The items will be taken from this week’s HotUKDeals Of The Day features and we promise they won’t all be the tatty, low-end stuff. Not all of them anyway. There’s a three-figure budget for this thing and we’re not afraid to splurge the lot.

There are two ways to enter….

1: Put your email address into the box on the top right hand side of the page – the one under where it says ‘Subscribe To Email Alerts!’ Complete the registration process and, Bob’s your uncle, you’ve entered the competition.

2: Subscribe to the RSS feed. You can click here to do this or click on the RSS bit in the top right hand corner of the page. Confirm this by leaving a comment below or after one of this week’s HotUKDeals Of The Day features. Leave a valid email address in the appropriate box when leaving your comment. Don’t worry – your email address won’t be seen by the readers.

Here’s a few rules:
• Competition ends on Wednesday September 9th 2009
• Open to UK residents only
• 1 person per household may enter
• You must complete the email address verification to be eligible
• You must include a valid email address if commenting below or in a HotUKDeals Of The Day feature.
• Bitterwallet’s decision regarding the winner is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


  • MrRobin
    Please enter me into the competition. I have subscribed to your RSS! :)
  • -Mike H.
    I've been here putting all kinds of bullshit into this box since Bitterwalletts inception, I'll email thee my address so you can send the prize there.
  • Lewiso
    Bitterwallet is the best
  • Jack
    That's one confusing end date!
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Just subscribed to e-mail alerts. Cheers
  • Hicks
    One mistake! September 6th august lol. Ive entered, hopefully i win :P.
  • Andy D.
    Dunno what you're talking about Jack/Hicks :-)
  • Hicks
    Damn ninja editing! Maybe you should apply for citylink and show off ninja carding skills :P. Didnt get the email confirmation, your system just slow? Or did it not register lol.
  • RBeer
    I too would like to be entered. Long time RSS subscriber.
  • -Mike H.
    "The big Bitterwallet giveaway" i.e. Bitterwallet have loads of shit they've played and bored with or broken and now need to get rid of but can't be arsed to slap it on fleaBay and need to increase the RSS subscribers becasue they have a target set by HUKD to meet or they'll be told to "Fuck off" Am I right? I'm not going to win now am I? Shit.
  • Hicks
    Now im an RSS subscriber :P.
  • Pete
    Woooo, send me some tat!!! Been a RSS subscriber for yonks, love the little interludes during the day!
  • John M.
    I'm subscribed to the RSS feed, thanks :)
  • Andy D.
    Worth checking your spam folder if the email confirmation doesn't come through. Should be working fine.
  • TV's B.
    I love Mike Hock's pathetic attempt at reverse phycology. Wanker. This is the first time I've put my proper email in. I've subsribed to the RSS feed both on here, and using Pro RSS on my iPhone. Thats 2 entries please, and a bonus 5 for mentioning the iPhone.
  • Rob L.
    I'm an RSS subscriber. I look forward to receiving my prizes ;>)
  • Gus
    Fine!! But if every time they will inform me about another article about Apple I will be really pissed off!
  • Mathias F.
    I too would like to be entered and I'm an RSS subscriber.
  • Daniel
    Is this open to new members only?
  • Andy D.
    If you've already subscribed, leave a comment with your email address and we'll enter you.
  • Tim
    right - I've subscribed - let me win the goodies!
  • Jennifer
    Just to be sure I was entered, I had to unsubscribe from the RSS feed and re-subscribe!
  • Liam G.
    I've been registered to the RSS forever :D
    enter me please !!
  • Matt
    Done! Now on my google home page RSS feed!
  • Amanda H.
    A 3 figure budget? You mean £1.99 dont you. So, you want my email address (which I believe I gave you for free when I complained about your late night drug sessions - oh, btw the blue ones aren't viagra) So you can spam me for REAL fake Viagra and "We may build on your lovely hat". All or for £1.99? Sold.
  • Amanda H.
    @ ANDREA How much?
  • russell w.
    now i can fill up the abandoned shopping trolley on my doorstep with goodies if i win
  • Domokun
    Google Reader FTW.
  • Lumoruk
    confirmed subscription, this competition is only open to new registerants Liam Gladdy, unlucky for some.
  • -Mike H.
    Thanks Dave, do you use your iPhone whilst driving your BMW/Audi? (Tit-end)
  • Martin
    RSS subscriber
  • korky
    me as well :)
  • Cymru2
    Subscibed to RSS...count me in.
  • Subscribed
  • Warrenator
    Done, subscribed via Google Reader. Hey, some of us outside the UK read the musings of the Bitterwallet team. Have done for months and months. Just thought you'd like to know people outside your scurvy-ridden little island are watching you like monkeys at the zoo. Jump around and fling feces, little monkeys! I mean that in a loving, nice way.
  • Alison
  • jiva
    Love the site, enjoying the slightly bitter but very informative content. Enter me in please I read the RSS as soon as it updates.
  • Andy D.
    Competition Closed folks! I can now declare the winner is: drum roll please........ Amanda Hugginkiss! Well Done!, Send us an email with your address and we will send your prize of 2 tubs of lard, a pair of yellow marigolds and an hours supply of Tesco Value Tissue.
  • Andy D.
    I never wrote that.
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] forget – one of these could be part of the big prize bundle in our big Bitterwallet prize giveaway this week. If you haven’t entered yet, you must be either dead or [...]
  • -Mike H.
    So the prize isn't 2 tubs of lard, a pair of yellow marigolds and an hours supply of tissue? Damn it!
  • Sarah
    Please enter me into your lovely competition (RSS + firefox = win :) )
  • Danielle
    Now subscribed !
  • I p.
    Rss'd :D
  • Fred
    RSS subscriber. Would love to be entered...
  • Rob
    Hello, I've been perusing your feed for a fair while now and wouldn't mind a chance at some prizes. Cheers!
  • Lindsay
    Have been subsribed for some time, does that still count? :)
  • Colin
    Why not, subscribed by RSS
  • SJT
    Subscribed to RSS here
  • Rob
    If I don't win I still ned to know what the prizes were, 3 figures of pure unadulterated tat ;-)
  • Jennifer T.
    Hi there, I have subscribed via email alerts and verified. please enter me into the competition. Am looking forward to my first email. :-)
  • Darren C.
    Please enter me into the competition.
  • Timbo
    Been RSS'ing sine the beginning... :)
  • Timbo
    ...since I meant. Too early...
  • Chas G.
    White Coats
  • Claire S.
    I am RSS'ing !!!! please enter me in the competition, also subscribed to emails. Thanks, great site. Claire x.
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] massive big Bitterwallet big massive giveaway has got you lot in a big massive frenzy at the moment as you hope to win some of the items featured [...]
  • gav
    i've been subscribed by rss since the beginning, so please enter me cheers
  • Theo C.
    I am interested in your views and continue to subscribe to your RSS.
  • deejayone
    I subscribed to the emails and got the RSS feed AGES ago. I've even commented a few times on articles AND retweeted BitterWallet's tweets on Twitter. And I've gotten LOADS of people into BitterWallet for themselves too. 1) That makes me more important than all these newbies doing it just for free stuff now. 2) It means I should definitely get the freebies. 3) If I don't win I'll kill a hostage a minute until I get SOMETHING from BitterWallet. Thanks.
  • Mark
    RSS is on the Netvibes :)
  • Deepz
    OK, I'm in...
  • I c.
    Long-time lurker, first time subscriber. Put my name in the prize bucket! Hooray for prizes.
  • acecatcher3
    im not gonna enter because i get enough emails as it is! i do love reading bitterwallet tho! good luck everyone
  • zeddy
    What a load of arse lickers!! PS Don't forget my entry.
  • PUJ
    RSS subscriber!
  • My P.
    bring on the trumpets
  • Joe
    Subscribed to RSS please enter me :)
  • Ali
    subscribed :)
  • Magic r.
    Enter me please young man, am a subscriber after all... :)
  • Ben M.
    Consider me RSSed up! enter me in that competition, sil-vous-plait.
  • Brian
    Please enter me in your "competition", and if i win, send me six months supply of ANUSOL®....i'm sore down there, not from gay stuff, but from the curry i eat 3 times a week (different one each time). Cheers
  • Skinto M.
  • Drewsy
    A long time reader and subscribed!
  • DMcNay
  • dude
    Subscriberised to the RSS feed ages ago :)
  • jeff
    Nobody is 'entering me' here. Fucking chuff takers.
  • Kate R.
    I would love to win! I subscribed to your newsletter
  • Russell
    Subscribed and RSS'd - Im in :)
  • Robert many prizes you got to giveaway?
  • Mark
    i've subscribed to both e-mail updates and RSS ages ago. does that count as two entries? :P
  • Lumoruk
    Warrenator the competition is only open to UK
  • Amanda
    Yay a competition! You must be clearing out a cupboard. Never entered one before online. You lot do make me laugh!
  • maxtweenie
    "There’s a three-figure budget for this thing and we’re not afraid to splurge the lot." £3.48 is three figures. Best I can see for that on HUKD is four packs of spotted condoms via Mr Cohen's Worldwide Emporium of Fun. Thanks Bitterwallet!
  • James
    Subscribed ...
  • Amanda H.
    I'd enter too, but I don't have an Internet connection.
  • Richard
    I subscribed to the RSS too.
  • Statix83
    I've always been subscribed...
  • jack t.
    What? No mention of Ryanair? What sort of Bitterwallet story is this???? Maybe the prize is a £1.99 flight to Szczecin (one-way).
  • Matt
    Subscribed to RSS. New to the site, always good for a laugh :-)
  • DragonChris
    Subscribed via email :D Free st00f pl0x and all that.
  • Rishi S.
    Always subscribed to this is boring without it!
  • Chris N.
    Just subscribed to RSS feed.
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] the prize draw that’s rocking the nation – click here for more details and hope your luck is [...]
  • Biff
    Subscribed to the rss feed, please enter me in the competition thanks.
  • Clementina
    I've Subscribed to Email Alerts!
  • We B.
    [...] you! Have you entered yourself? You know, into the Bitterwallet Big Huge Enormous Prize Giveaway? If not, get it sorted [...]
  • Robin
    RSS feed'd here! :D
  • Andy
    been using the site for about 7 months... keep up the good work guys and gals
  • mark
    ok count me in. RSS feed to google reader
  • iain
  • cookie
    RSS subscribed, probably wont win but in for a penny, in for a pound!
  • Dave
    Long time fan! I have you on my rss google reader. Fingers (and my freakishly long toes) crossed!
  • Wonkey
    no harm eh?!
  • Jamie
    All RSS'd up
  • Brinda D.
    Damn the OH got me hooked onto your blog.... Always RSS'd for a long time...Keep up the good work
  • ssme
    i've signed up even though firefox's treatment of feeds is a pain in the RSS. i want to win, but i'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?
  • sohel a.
    i have suscribed to your rss and i have suscribed to your newsletter and guess why cause i believe i can win.. i believe i can get hold of the prize.. i believe i believe
  • Mark R.
    Signed up for RSS feed
  • Alex T.
    me me me
  • Chris H.
    added the RSS feed to my google homepage
  • Thomas B.
    Signed up in google reader :). Please enter me to the competition! :)
  • James W.
    Signed up via Feed Demon, did a little fat man dance, job done.
  • Richy G.
    I've subscribed to the RSS feed - so show me the prizes!!
  • Rich M.
    All RSS feeded up. Let's rock.
  • Paul
    Signed up for the RSS feed :)
  • christine b.
    I registered for email alerts Good luck all
  • | B.
    [...] could get even luckier – if you enter our huge big Bitterwallet prize giveaway, you could be the recipient of a bundle of stuff taken from this week’s Deals Of The Day! [...]
  • Mark
    I'm already subscribed and have been for aaaages. Please enter me into you competition :-)
  • Jo
    Subscribed via Google, cool comp I like a mystery prize.
  • antonis
    i have subscribed to the rss too!
  • katrina
    Subscribed to the email, I love checking my spam folder every day x
  • Laura
    And i'm in - looks like top prizes - what a haul!
  • Tom
    i have subscribed to the rss
  • S W.
    wow thats a big prize why not join twitter?
  • Lorraine
    Entered :)
  • Kim
    please enter me x
  • Rick
    oh great prizes please enter me
  • Peggy S.
    me me me please
  • Karina B.
    sign my email up please! x
  • Kerryanne W.
    I'd love to win - I never win anything :(
  • The B.
    [...] a quick reminder that our gigantic big massive Bitterwallet giveaway has had its closing date extended until the end of Wednesday – more time for you to become a BW [...]
  • gibran
  • Andrew
    I've subscribed :)
  • Antgrad
    Please enter me in the comp. Been an RSS subscriber for ages. :)
  • Ian
    I'm in (RSS) [email protected]
  • Daedalus85
    Added RSS :)
  • Rich
    Now an RSS subscriber in Google Reader for you folks :D
  • Donna K.
    I subscribed to your feed.
  • MrToynbee
    I have subscribed to your RSS
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] any of today’s best bargains make it into the Bitterwallet prize giveaway loot sack? Who [...]
  • sepulchre
    Looking forward to winning, and can't wait for the feed to arrive.
  • cheapskate
    Ola. Stuff please...
  • James
    I've been subscribed to your feed since the start. Love it! Cheers
  • Andew
    Please enter me :-)
  • foobie
    woo - rss tastic!
  • J-Roc
    I have subscribed to your most turgid stool of an RSS feed, thanking you. I must remember to unsubscribe come thursday...
  • P
    I am an RSS subscriber -- and enjoy it! Please enter me in the contest
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] the closing date of our Bitterwallet big giant massive enormous engorged weighty giveaway draws closer, are you wondering if any of today’s brilliant bargains will make it into the prize [...]
  • Will
    Can I enter too? I've been an RSS subscriber since the first week or so. I don't know how you tell that I subscribe, or whether you just take my word for it, but I subscribe via Google Reader.
  • sprout
    been on rss since day 1...
  • Jon
    i'm on the list now send me my free shit
  • Jilly
    As Bob IS my uncle, I'll stake a claim for a prize.....
  • Bruno
    I would like to win this great prize from Bitterwallet
  • | B.
    [...] You should have worked out that we’re too tight for prizes… unless it’s for the BITTERWALLET ENORMOUS HUGE GIANT PRIZE GIVEAWAY DRAW… WHICH ENDS TONIGHT!!! [...]
  • Gingerdave
    Rss is a now feeding me as well.
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] a few hours left of the Gigantic Incredible Massive Gignatic Masiisve Bitterwallet Enormo-Prize Giveaway and the bundle of goodies you could win has been assembled from items featured in Deals Of The Day [...]
  • squawkie
    Subscribed to your RSS feed. Love this site - it got me out of my 3 contract a few months ago, thanks to the information published!
  • The B.
    [...] gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of the Bitterwallet Huge Massive Tremendous Big Enormous Huge Prize Giveaway that we ran [...]

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