Who's calling Bitterwallet? #1 - Help Your Claim Ltd

Bitterwallet - Help Your Claim LtdThe first, and perhaps last, in an irregular series where we look at who's cold-calling those of us in the Bitterwallet office.

Today it's the turn of Help Your Claim Ltd:

"HYC is a regulated claims management company, helping customers claim against any mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance Policies. Based in the UK, we work on a strictly no win, no fee basis."

It's not just us; they're beginning to build a solid reputation for telephone spam, according to Who Calls Me?:

The person I briefly spoke to did not introduced himself and was asking questions about any possible finance that I owned.

Cold called me to ask if I had received the refund on mis-sold payment protection insurance then hung up when I started to ask who they were.

Got a call from this person from HYC - help your claim. Person called Yasin. He says I'm due a refund for payment protection insurance and asks for my credit card number.

Your telephone number is probably floating about on some anonymous telemarketing list, so enjoy that cold call from HYC when it comes.


  • telboy007
    They normally go away when you say you're registered on TPS and wondering why you've received this cold call.
  • Theo C.
    Anyone else had calls from a computer tech support company? They claim to be authorised to call by Microsoft in response to a bug report you sent them following a "critical fatal error" experienced by your computer. The one time I put up with their routine beyond that, they asked me to go to their diagnostic website which tried to install a keylogger trojan. The sad thing is that the poor guys in the Indian Sweatshop genuinely seem to believe the script they're using and act genuinely disbelieving when you say there's not a problem with your PC or try to point out the dodgy software they're trying to install. My regular response now is just to tell themwe don't have any computers in the house.
  • David
    My regular response is to ask them to hold, then put the phone on one side for an hour or two. They've always gone by the time I remember to hang up.
  • Pedant
  • rappy
    my uncle was scamed by these twats and lost £400, he is atm trying to sort them out in court
  • Nobby
    In this case I would ask them to explain what a payment protection insurance policy is. Part way through, at some random point, just say could they say that bit again as you didn't understand it. Do that a few times, then ask them to speak quieter as there is a good bit on Jermey Kyle.
  • jason
    company name: HELP YOUR CLAIM LIMITED telephone 01392 748428-07906 920487 address 223 CHURCH STREET, BLACKPOOL, LANCASHIRE FY1 3PB, FY1 3PB Dive in, lads!
  • NickT
    Hmm, that's weird. The area code for the phone number is Exeter not Blackpool
  • Klingelton
    i had these nonces phone me the other night. "GOOOD AFTERNOON MADAM!" i broke him off after the first 3 words and interjected with "i know why you're ringing" and basically spooled off his script. before any comeback. Thanks for calling, goodbye!
  • Codify
    Got a call yesterday from a "government claims hotline." The cold-caller stated "I'm calling about the accident that someone in your household had, to check whether you are getting the compensation you deserve" I asked who the person was and what the supposed accident was. They said they had it in their database but couldn't say it for data protection reasons. Bunch of muppets. I had a bit of fun with them for 10 minutes until they realised I was taking the piss and hung up.
  • Alex
    Theo Cupier: Yes, they called my mother and said that her computer would explode if she didn't do what they told her. She got their phone number (it was an 020 one) and I called them. They spouted the same crap that you mentioned, that they were authorized by Microsoft etc etc.
  • Kerry
    Hi, I got a phone call off this company help your claim, about 4 months, about claiming back PPI, they said they didn't charge anything, no upfront fees, no win no fee! so I fell for it, gave my card numbers as that's all they wanted, loan agreement numbers, etc etc! Only a few weeks ago, I got paid out £11,0000!! My perception has entirely changed about cold calls, it does actually work! Thanks hyc!
  • fulham
    What a bunch of scammers. They're the lowest form of scum. Do not give any details. Pray on vulnerable people like my dad. Feel free to go ballistic at Paul Johnson sales manager on 0161 8500110
  • fulham
    actually they ended doing the claim for my dad in the end, was just very cagey at first as to why they needed his details. all's well. Sorry!
  • Steven86
    yes these people may call out the blue and it may seem suspicious them asking for loan numbers and credit card details. but infact they do exactly what they promise. i was called by hyc a few months back and provided them with my loan numbers and 4 weeks down the line i received a refund of around £3500 and this was after the fee i paid to hyc. there werent any hidden fees or nasty surprises, everything was clear from the start. i would just advise that u read the paperwork so u know where u stand. all in all, i just want to say thank you to help your claim for leaving me £3500 better off!
  • Isaac
    Started with HYC about 5 months ago, they messed me about so much I told them I wanted to cancel and that I'll take the claim on myself. I must of cancelled about five times, I did not get one reply until I got an offer, now they want their fee for doing nothing.
  • Ed
    Yes. Got a cold call from these guys and thought I may as well go through the process with them to see if they could win me any money from HSBC. A couple of months later and the claim has been settled for £360 (not bad for a £1000 flexi-loan). Of course they had to take off their 30% fee, which is a bit steep. But hey I wouldn't have gone ahead with it unless they called. Free money. Cheers, Ed
  • jen
    Dealt with Laura and Sudge at hyc. Very friendly, polite and professional service. Would recommend.
  • Martin
    A man called me on my mobile from HYC, jibberering ten to the dozen as one would after multiple cups of strong coffee, totally incomprehensible and on a low quality line and with a thick Liverpool? accent. Told him I already received compensation but he went on to say I could still make a claim so I gave him my home number to call when I finished work and we could discuss the details he was after, he didn't even know where I lived! When at home jibberer called again still less than Skype quality and probably on another caffeine dose but this time I was a little more suspicious, asking him where he got my mobile number- at last a pause in the patter then the reply "I got your number from the jibber jibber list", still indistinct, obviously this guy was now a bit put off. Then I reminded him that I already got some money. "You never said that! Jibber jibber waste your time and mine jibber" So I said goodbye and that was that.
  • popps
  • lisa
    All you lot saying that HYC are "scum " but let you never put ur details forward looking at what you wrote ..... so hgow can you say that i was unsure at 1st but i gave them my details and they was always helpful to me they got me £9,000 on all my loans I had with lloyds they even claimed the interest bk for me that the banks earnt on my monies!!! Its changed my life !
  • David B.
    was cold-called on my mobile by HYC about PPI.Turns out i was due refund but the money £780 would be paid in an overdrawn account so i'd be left to pay HYC about £240.I didn't have the cash so told them i wasn't going ahead with the claim they said they wanted an Admin fee of £50.No invoice for £50 has been sent but they still phone every couple of weeks,just blank the calls now. But heres the best yet got a txt from them at 0130am last Sunday morning. Who the hell is still chasing £50 at that time.Must be some desperate folk work there.
  • William C.
    Someone at Fresh Start Finance may or may not have passed my name and number on to these scum.Please call Fresh Start repeatedly on 0800 111 6655
  • Paul R.
    Must admit when I got this call I was fuming, as I get 5 or 6 calls a day. But the advisor I spoke to was called Yazmin and she managed to convince me to speak to LLOYDS TSB. I was in absolute shock when they told me i was paying PPI. I only remember taking out 1 loan but they gave me 4 account numbers. You never expect it to be yourself when you see this stuff on TV. After approx 10 weeks i got a txt from HYC saying i was getting paid out on all my loans. I got just over £6,000. It was abit hard letting go of 30%, but i'd never have this money in the 1st place. If you want my advise hear them out. I've recommended them to a few people, and would definitely advise, hear them out!!!!
  • Lee B.
    HYC ltd had a very bad experience with this company having to inform police and action fraud team dealing with debt recovery company they set on my famliy over mess up PPI claims. Company seems flippant over security checks and enforces contracts without signatures and makes unreasonable demands that are not covered in there contract or invoices. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.
  • Bob F.
    I found HYC to be very unprofessional and uninformative. I stupidly signed their contract expecting to be provided a service they promised. After many months with very limited correspondence from their side I decided to call them again for a update. They informed me over the phone that the bank had withdrawn my PPI claim and due to this HYC will no longer be representing me as a third party. I asked them why the claim had been withdrawn and they couldn’t answer me at the time. However they provided me with the phone number to contact the bank so I could ask the bank myself. The bank informed me that it was withdrawn because the signed letter of authority had not reached them within the specified time required. I was then advised by the bank to write to them and request that the case be reopened. I did this informing them that HYC no longer represented me. Many months pass then in January 2013 I was made an offer by the bank which I accepted. However the bank did not receive the signed acceptance letter. I requested the bank to send another one which they did. The problem was the letter they returned was dated 8th June 2012 Which was a surprise as I had never received any other offer except for the one issued in 2013. A copy of this letter was sent to HYC and hey ho they demand payment of fees because they claim they are responsible for a successful claim. I explain the situation to HYC to which they reply if the offer was made after Sep 2013 (when they informed me they no longer wished to peruse the claim) then they would not be entitled to any fees. I contact my bank and ask them to investigate the matter, I find out that the letter issued in 2012 was in fact error and no offer was made because the case was closed at that time. I get this in writing and send it to HYC. They flatly refuse to believe the evidence and continued to send me invoices. They have now applied for a CCJ against me (online) Off course I am fully defending the CCJ. Even by some miracle I loose, its more about the principle of the matter. How HYC think they can basically give up on my case then due to a clerical error and proven to be clerical errors flatly refuse to believe the evidence. I raised the question why they think they are entitled to their fees on many occasions without a reply. Only after writing an official letter of complaint did I get a very vague reply to any questions I presented them. The reply was unsigned without a name to address it. HYC still have the neck to demand payment for services they didn’t provide. I hate to think how many other people they have done this too and tried to bully people into paying. Once the CCJ saga is completed I will be making a official complaint to the Ministry Of Justice I agree with Lee Brooks AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.
  • Ex e.
    Do not trust this company! They rip people off even there employees and everything they say is bolox!
  • Posted D.
    I went with this company thinking that they where alright and it was a no win no fee I lost my job due to accident at work and it's left me disabled when the company phoned me they told me that I owed the bank two thousand 500 due to I haven't pay my loan of when I phone hfc back they told me that is has been pay years ago and don't worry about this the company phones me up again saying that I still need to pay this load back and now they want me to pay them £500 for the work want they have done. I explained to the company I thought this was a no win no fee the lady that I spoke to was very abrupt with me and told me that they wanted to there money which I haven't got I finding it hard to live on £70 pound a week they phoned again on Saturday which I told them my situation but all she kept saying that I'm in debt with the bank which has got nothing to do with the them even if I was but I'm not all this has made me so I'll and stressed I'm going though so much has it is I'm trying to see citizen advice to help me but I been a few time and they are closed all the time and I have to use a stick to get round I'm really need help
  • Posted D.
    I don't trust them rip off-company. They should be closed down for good so they don't trap other people like they have trap me one big rip off company jokers they are
  • Posted D.
    The company hyc phone again how they want £480 off me I don't under stand this company at all I'm not paying anythink due to I haven't got it to pay out I wish they would leave me alone it making me so I'll and I'm not getting any better and I don't feel well in myself to talk to anyone never mind this company I hope someone can help me get them off my back once and for all
  • Posted D.
    I was hope to get a response on this company to put I thought not no one wants to help or give any advice in my situation with hcy company
  • Bob F.
    Hi Deb I had problems with HYC my first post is above. The lady who was very abrupt wasn't called Lisa by any chance ? She was a nightmare during my run in with HYC They took me to court (CCJ) and HYC never even attended the hearing. I won the case after 10 mins and the case was stuck out. From what I can gather from your comments. HYC have not actually done anything for you, other than tell you, that a outstanding balance needs to be paid off. I assume you would already know what money you owe ant to whom. So what have they actually done ? Have they successfully reclaimed any funds for you ? If not then it is a no win no fee situation, with no hidden costs. My advise is to ask them for a breakdown of the work carried out for the fee they are demanding. Keep track of dates and times of all correspondence between Yourself and HYC and who you spoke to. Keep all emails and anything you may find useful if they threaten you with court action. I am currently in the process of making a complaint to the Ministry of Justice about HYC and they way they treat people and use the Judicial System as a threat to demand funds even when they are not entitled to any. If they have misrepresented you then I strongly advise making a complaint yourself 0845 450 6858 [email protected] If you wish to make a complaint, you must first write to HYC explaining why you are not satisfied, and of course make it perfectly clear on the letter that it is a OFFICAL COMPLAINT. They have to respond within 4 to 8 weeks (cant remember) If things have not been rectified then make a complaint to the Ministry Of Justice Phone number and email above. The Ministry Of Justice will ask for documentation and evidence so as I said before record everything and Keep everything. Keep your chin up. All the best Bob Fox
  • Posted D.
    I had a letter of hcy company telling me that they did have the right account number and they couldn't help me so the bank phoned me and told me that they found the write account number and I had some money back which I was happy about this was in December in march I had a letter off hcy telling me that I had some money back and they want £509 due to they found the right account number so I tryed to explain to the company that they had the wrong account number and the case was closed then I found out that the bank hfs told them i had the money I was so angry over this due to the bank should have got in contact me first to give out any information I thought it confidential so how I can't trust the bank after this, so how I have to pay hcy company for doing nothink grate I wish I had a job doing nothink and getting payed for it want a big joke the company havnt stoped phone me giving grief and they are going to put I ccj on me and my property why
  • Posted D.
    Thank you bob fox for your advise on this yes her name was Lisa nasty women big time I just don't trust this ppi company's they should all be closed down the government do more so people don't get ripped off
  • Bob f.
    Sorry for the delay I'm offshore at the moment. I will comment when I can. Bye for now

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