What are the spam monkeys playing at now?

4 June 2009

Delving into the dank, swampy recesses of the Bitterwallet spam filter earlier today was a little disheartening. Gone are the offers to enlarge my penis and get me some yankee doodle tonight. Even the desperate pleas of children who lost their father, a Nigerian ambassador to the United States, are a little thin on the ground.

No special offers on big brand electronics, no pharmaceutically induced pleasures; instead there was mail after mail that made less sense than an angry nun. The spam filter cleaned up any viruses left lurking, but would you bother clicking on these titles anyway? Is there some sort of inter-breeding that's spawning pointless six-toed hicks? Why?

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  • Bruno
    I'd click the Nicole Kidman's animated doll...
  • abc
    Hermit prepares to be locked in tower, thats so fucking random its brilliant! Sheer genius, dodge that junk mail filter!
  • Tom P.
    You deserve all that SPAM using a FREE GMAIL a/c, why can't you tight arses afford to pay for a propper email service when you make all that dosh at BitterWallet?
  • Mickey
    How ironic that would be... BitterWallet paying for email accounts they could easily get for free. Think before you type, kthxbai.
  • Tom P.
    @ Mickey, why don't you admit you're a BitterWallet editor sockpuppet?
  • Anna
    Did you make them up Paul ??
  • Paul S.
    On the life of my mother (who is still living and breathing) they are all genuine. In fact, I'm going to dip into the spam filter right now, because there's no doubt more of them.
  • Paul S.
    And we have a winner: Megan Fox raped a criminal
  • Francis R.
    Megan Fox can rape me any time she likes... please
  • Tizer
    Hot dog! We have a wiener!
  • Jeffrey
    The best one I've ever received, mostly due to amazing comedy timing... Was just on Tuesday. I'd been to the toilet for a particularly strenuous visit. Got back to my desk to find a spam email had just come in titled 'That shit just made my day!' Genius
  • Fi
    Huh, most of them sound like stock Daily Mail headlines...
  • Nobby
    I want to see a picture of the freak boy with multiple tongues, injured or not.
  • Junkyard
    Nobby - you see that curly letter on the end of the word "boys"? That's an "S". We use it when there's more than one of something (grown-ups call this a "plural").
  • Ross
    I got this one today: Women Peel More Than Potatoes inn Tavern

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