We ordered ten of these last month and we're still waiting...

8 February 2010

Screen shot 2010-02-07 at 21.42.11


TOPICS:   Scams


  • Yahoo S.
    That was about as funny as cancer, maybe less so.
  • coldmocha
    You lot suck. I got mine the next day.
  • Another B.
    I think its definately less funny than cancer. Seriously, I wish HUKD would just stop listing this crap on their site.
  • Devon K.
    I got nothing very quickly - no complaints - all as advertised (will make good valentines present if you want a fresh start)
  • Gary G.
    Three Cancer patients walk into a bar...
  • Bryan
    A cancer victim walks into a bar. The bartender says "So, what'll you have?" The cancer victim replies, "A malignant tumour eating away my decrepit body."

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