Watch out - online scams go phishing again

I posted on possible scams during the current economic crisis on Friday, and it seems I'm not immune from their attempts to thieve money. Despite not banking with Barclays for several years, I've just received the following email from [email protected], although GMail helpfully reveals the actual address to be [email protected], a domain that has precisely sod-all to do with the bank itself. The email reads:

Due to collapse of financial markets, Barclays Bank PLC, Treasury, Bank of England and Financial Services authority launch a protection program to ensure the safety of your personal savings, loans, personal and business accounts. Barclays Bank PLC is fighting to ensure that non of our customer will suffer any damage on they personal accounts. Is imperative for all Barclays Bank PLC customers to take this protection program very seriously. This will be made in 2 easy steps, log-in in your Barclays Personal banking or Business Banking and follow the instruction. Please note that after you complete the steps you will be contacted by a Barclays Bank PLC representative in 24 hours. Thank you very much for your understanding into this matter and remember this is for personal safety.

Do not let the financial markets collapse affect your life in any way. Protect yourself by clicking the link below right now:

Remember, if you receive anything remotely similar:

1. Don't click on the link, reply or submit any details - as the banks repeatedly tell us, they will not email you to request your bank or security details.

2. Report the email - in GMail you can do this by opening the email (this won't harm your computer), clicking on the Reply menu on the right hand side of the email and selecting Report phishing.

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