Vodafone gives new ways of barring spam

Vodafone gives new ways of barring spam

Spam phone calls are a nuisance for many, and for more vulnerable customers they can be downright dangerous.

Well, Vodafone are going to give their customers new ways of discreetly blocking spam calls getting through to you.

This is a response to consumer requests, as well as hitting back at a scam which saw a number of Vodafone customers being scammed out of hundreds of pounds thanks to dodgy missed calls from 0843 and 0845 numbers.

The scam didn't even require people to answer the calls, but could still see them getting hit with a £300 charge.

"Fraudulent calls are a scourge on society, inflicting great anxiety for victims. The protection of our customers is paramount and we have been investing heavily in our network and technology to help stamp out this practice."

"We will continue to evolve the technology as well as work with industry bodies and the regulator to ensure we keep one step ahead of criminals," said Mark Hughes, Head of Corporate Security for Vodafone UK.

Vodafone has been running tests on their new tech, and have blocked up to 425,000 nuisance and spam calls in a single day. They're hoping that, once scam artists realise that they can't get through to Vodafone customers, they'll stop trying.

Within a week of tests, Vodafone saw the level of dodgy calls coming through on their network dropping to under 1,000 within a week.

Of course, some will still slip through which is to be expected, but if you're not on Vodafone and wondering what you get from all this, don't worry.

Ofcom have launched a new number, so you take yourself out of the scam-equation, and put yourself on the UK's official 'do not call' database.

Basically, all you have to do is text 'TPS' and your e-mail address to 78070, and it will add your number to the list which should never be called. It is officially illegal to phone you up if you're on this list, which means penalties apply to those that ignore your request.

You can also register your number for free with the Telephone Preference Service by calling 0345 070 0707.

If you get unsolicited calls after adding yourself to these schemes, then you can hand over the details of the spammer to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Ofcom.

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