Undated 20p pieces - what to do with yours, and the eBay scams

Ever since we featured the story about the undated 20p pieces worth hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of times more than their face value, we've received a fat stack of emails asking for advice on where and how to sell them. All to a man have turned down our beyond-generous offer of a quid and a bag of grapes for them, so we've begrudgingly rustled up a guide on what to do if you find one in your change:

Sell it
As soon as the story broke, the media became a frenzy of headlines stating the 20p pieces were worth a guaranteed £50. The offer was only available to the first 10,000 people to register on the website of The London Mint Office. Since then, however, the offer has been extended to allow another 15,000 to register and claim their £50. If it's a quick sale you want, that's the place to head.

Auction it
The frenzy turned into a orgy of panicked purse purusing when one of the coins was sold for £7,100 on eBay, although it hasn't been confirmed whether money has changed hands yet. Since then sales have stablised, and it's more likely that if you were to list your coin on eBay today, it would sell it for between £150 and £200. That hasn't stopped some chancers, however:

If eBay appeals to you, we'd suggest taking a unique photo, perhaps with the coins flat against a background other than black or white; there have been claims of fraudsters copying other people's photos for their listings then posting ordinary 20p pieces, so unique images will help convince buyers you're in possession of the real deal.

Just in case you're buying, there are sly sellers listing 20p coins that are undated on the head side:

In fact all 20 pence pieces are undated on the head side - the new coins were meant to be the first that carried the date on this side, but because of how they were manufactured, the old head side was used with the new tails side (also undated), hence the undated coins. So the listing isn't technically fibbing, but it's playing on buyer's misunderstanding.

Keep it
When you start exploring the £50 valuation of the coins, the story gets a little murky. The London Mint Office is not the same as The Royal Mint - The London Mint Office is actually an international conglomerate with an annual turnover of approximately £200 million, and no official ties whatsoever to The Royal Mint.

If you go back to the stories that first announced the coin's existence, the expert quoted regarding the £50 valuation was a member of staff at The London Mint Office. In fact, despite the blanket coverage of the story across all media, you'll be hard-pressed to find a quote from anyone other than spokesperson Nick Hart. Didn't seem that way, did it? The Independent did speak to several other collectors, who believed "the 20p pieces could be worth up to £300 within five or 10 years, especially if they were kept in good condition and turn out to be particularly scarce." Those quotes never received any attention. The London Mint Office controlled the story - and the value - of the coins from the very start.

The Royal Mint estimates that between 50,000 and 200,000 undated 20p pieces were produced; there are millions of coin collectors around the world. And it's called the "hobby of kings" for crying out loud. As Andy pointed out at the time, The London Mint Office obviously wants these coins because they'll make massive profits from them. The fact that they're extended their offer to buy another 15,000 of the coins suggests they're aware of just how much money they can make in the future, and justify further investment.

Finally, there's another key fact that was glossed over by most of the press last week; these coins didn't suddenly drop into circulation at the beginning of July - they've been in our pockets since last year. You can be certain that up until last week, the Royal Mint was attempting to take these coins out of circulation at every opportunity, and will continue to do so. It's unlikely there are as many in circulation as the production numbers suggest.

If you don't need the money right now, you're probably better forgetting about eBay and keeping the coin(s) safe for the time being - your undated 20p piece may be more rare and worth far more than you think.


  • cooki2222
    im sure one of these coins passed through lots of peoples hands without them noticing until the story was announced, then every paid close attention to their 20p's
  • Paul S.
    The coins were certainly out there; according to the Royal Mint, they were released last November. When you look at why those coins sold for several thousand pounds on eBay, it's because they were listed several days before the story broke. The media hadn't noticed the coins, then suddenly they did and some just happened to be there for sale at the right time. Before the news, they were on course to sell for £20 or £30. What I can't find is the original source of the story - it certainly doesn't appear to have come from the Royal Mint. Given how organised The London Mint Office were and that their spokesman was pretty much the only expert quoted, I think it's a fair assumption that they broke the story themselves and the media blindly cut and pasted it.
  • Chief J.
    I think it’s a fair assumption that they broke the story themselves and "the media blindly cut and paste it" = blindly cut and pasted it like you did Paul ;)
  • me
    The funny thing is, this news is so old hat. I had discovered them on ebay going for about £50 each a fair few months ago - at the time I thought that was barmy and checked my (and anyone else who'd let me) 20ps. I now wish id got one for £50! I only heard about it in the press about 2 weeks ago, so what they were doing for 3 months or so god knows and obviously they are the reason there are now 100s listed not just the 10 or so that I first saw.
  • me
    lol, and after reading the above comments, i see my point was already made. Ill go crawl back into the cornflakes box where i belong....
  • Joff
    Chief Justice, I wouldn't go as far as saying Paul's blind...
  • Paul S.
    Don't worry Joff - if he's actually bothered read the original BW story, he'd have noticed we didn't cut and paste it anyway :)
  • dwayne
    wana buy 1 ? email for fotos/info [email protected]
  • sohail
    i have20p what to do?
  • Lewis
    I've got a completely undated 20p coin I want to sell. Email me for photos, questions etc etc. [email protected] Cheers :)
  • Ryan
    I have a genuine undated 20p coin for sale. Email [email protected] if interested
  • Niki
    I have a completely undated 20p that I am thinking of selling. Email [email protected] if interested .
  • David
    I am thinking of mine and have been spending considerable time photographing it. I have created a blog on the subject of The Undated 20p coin. Please leave a comment on http://20p-undated.blogspot.com/ if interested. I will shortly be updating the blog with photos I've been taking where the coin is photographed against a mirror so both sides are visible and so the viewer can see that my coin is the real deal. Take alook at http://20p-undated.blogspot.com/ Regards David.
  • The B.
    [...] two weeks ago, we updated you on the undated 20p piece situation and laid out your options if you’d found one amongst your pocket shrapnel. Our advice? We [...]
  • Simon
    Hi all, Most of these Updated 20p Coins are now selling for around £90 - £105 on ebay with exceptions some are still selling them for around £200 each (not many - just a lucky few of them - must be their wordings!). My advice is to keep hold of them for another 10 to 20 years and then go to coins specialist auctions around the world to sell your coins. By then, these 20p coins will become obsolete and very rare just like the 2p coin (1983 - New Pence) selling for £600 in the coins auction last year. Royal Mint are taking back these 20p coins through banks and post offices and will only become rarer and rarer month by month and year by year! I am lucky to have two of these rare undated 20p coins and look quite shiny too :) If you cannot wait for another 10 years, list it on ebay and have a very good description, it should sell for around £110 - £95. You would be lucky to sell it for around £150 now as the excitement is now almost over! :( If you don't have a coin and want to have a piece of history then buy it on ebay while it is cheap! When they are gone, they've gone for good! Simon UK
  • Mark
    Hi Simon, Thanks for the cautionary note. Having just found one of these, then added a scheduled listing on ebay after glancing at a few finishing lots, I've now deleted the listing after all. Whilst the £50-100 would be nice, all the furore appears to have died down, and unless you want to spend £45 on ebay's enhanced listing thing, your coin will probably just end up buried amongst the fakes and ludicrous prices. I think I'll sit on it for a few years, and see how things pan out... Cheers, Mark
  • justin r.
    i have a 20p coin undated email me for pictures and info my addie is [email protected]
  • leann m.
    i have recently found a undated 20 pence coin.... i am torn between selling it or keeping it! if anyone has any advise for me or would like to buy this genuine coin please email me on [email protected] i need your help x x
  • rachael m.
    i have recently found an undated on both sides 20p, if any one could offer me some advice on what to do please get in touch on [email protected]
  • ajit
    i have 20p now what to do its undated one
  • ajit
    i have 20p now what to do its undated one my emaiid is [email protected]
  • Louise
    I have in my possession one of these genuinely undated coins which I have tried to sell on Ebay twice in the last month or so. Both times, it has sold, initially for £142, and then for £81, however, on both occasions, the winning bidders have mysteriously failed to pay for the item, and have ignored all attempts by myself to contact them. I am now of the opinion that some scam is going on somewhere, as Ebay are obviously making a lot of money out of all these coins which are being sold on their site at the minute, but I wonder how many of the sales actually complete. Maybe I have just been very unlucky .... Has anybody else suffered a similar fate? I did manage to register with The London Mint, so know I can secure some money for this coin, however am just really fed up at being out of pocket to Ebay, and yet still have the coin here to sell.
  • steve
    i was given an completly undated 20p as change yesterday (mint condition). after doing some research i am looking for a genuine buyer (coin collector) who would like to buy it from me i am happy to accept o.i.r.o £100. must be in the manchester area as visual inspection is necessary as there alot of fakes and scams around. THIS COIN IS 100% GURANTEED UNDATED COMPLETLY!!
  • steve
    didnt put my email address on for my last post its [email protected]
  • Dale
    Ive got a completely undated 20p coin, can provide pictures of both sides and pictures, ie with the days newspaper if neccessary. Anyone interested, contact me at [email protected] Am willing to send by recorded delivery to anyone interested. Would like a reasonable offer.
  • Stacey
    hey i have got one of the undated 20p and i have no idea what to do with it please will some one give me some advice :) [email protected] Thankyou xx
  • ceeforcat
    Louise - I don't understand how you could be out of pocket to eBay as you get your final value fees refunded if you have reported any non-paying bidders.
  • gillian p.
    i have a completly undaited 20p mint cond please email [email protected] many thanks
  • margaret
    hi all ive went thro my little boys piggy bank and found 15 undated coins if someone wants make me an offer for them [email protected]
  • jason
    my wife and I got given one in our change at manchester airport, it's totally genuine so if anyone is interested in buying it e-mail [email protected] cheers
  • Ben
    Ive an undated 20p if anyone is interested. Can send photos as proof. Would like a reasonable offer. Email me at [email protected]
  • luckyme
    Come on now. Anyone like me who has an undated 20p in mint condition is not going to make much out of it unless they are in for the duratiion. I now have 15 such coins - as a collector I know none are fakes.. I have been presented with many poor quality fakes .. these will increase as people hope to make money by ill gotten gains. Beware of purchases via ebay - it's a scammers paradise. If you have an undated 20p piece in good condition; wrap it up, put it away and return to this site in 5 years time. You'll be glad you did!!!
  • Stuart
    Looking to sell my UNDATED 20P COIN to a collector, I have been lucky and had 2 of these, but gave the first away as a gift to a collector before I realised people are willing to pay £50 for them. If anyone is interested in buying it, contact me at [email protected] Stu
  • shaf r.
    i have an undated 20p coin (undated both sides)....in mint condition and shiny....i can provide as many pics as you require.....if interested please [email protected]
  • sarah h.
    I have a 'dated on the head side but not on the tails side' I am confused about whether this is one of THE ones. Anyone clarify?
  • JJ M.
    I have one of these coins. It's not what I'd call mint condition and looks like its been in circulation for a while. Assuming a collector won't want a non-mint example am I best off taking up the £50 offer from the london mint office?
  • Josh
    i have an undated 20 pence with the shield coin email me for pic and Q&A's [email protected] this is not a hoax and only serious buyers to get in touch im looking for around the £90+++++
  • jess
    i have an undated 20p coin (undated both sides)….in mint condition and shiny….i can provide as many pics as you require…..if interested please
  • jess
  • Al
    I'll give you 20p for one.
  • Al
    You pay the postage.
  • Tyler E.
    Hi All - I have one of these coins and my advice to anyone selling them is dont! - if you really do want to sell it, email me [email protected] and I will come and collect it and pay you in cash. What people fail to think about is, that these coins are going to be worth something in the future, however if you do want to sell it, then email me, I will buy them from you. Best Wishes
  • Simon C.
    Hi all, These undated 20p are going to be worth more than £50 and much more than first realised! If you can, keep the coin safe if you have one. Otherwise, if you are skint and you are lucky enough to get one, I am interested. Simon Cardiff
  • Jodie
    I have one of these 20ps if interested contact me; [email protected] i am willing to give it away for a reasonable rate!
  • David
    Hi All, I got excited on finding one of these on my bedroom floor last summer I decided to create a blog on the subject featuring photos of my coin. I thought about selling it, considered the London Mint offer for which I did register with them and bought a case from them for the princely sum of £2.50 but instead decided to keep it. Like as stated in the posts above London Mint won't be buying these en masse if the future valuations of this coin was only going to remain £50 otherwise these guys won't be in business and apologies for quoting the obvious. There are pictures and posts of my coin at the following URL for which I haven't posted on for a while: http://20p-undated.blogspot.com/ Please feel free to comment on the blog if you feel inclined to do so. Regards David Oxfordshire UK.
  • rob
    i got an undated 20p coin that i want to sell listed it on ebay twice for £2000 had 3 bids but the winner [email protected]
  • Lyon B.
    I have an undated 27p coin, and you don't.
  • rob
    well im plannig to sell my undated 20p if anyone is interested email me with a decent offer
  • shaky
    i have FOUR 20p's that are undated on both sides and i am looking to sell them. for more info,photo's or price email me on [email protected]
  • Karen s.
    I have an undated coin but on the head side the inscription doesnt go the entire way around. The date is missing, the coin has not been damaged in any way. I received it in some change. I would welcome some advice please. Email karen at [email protected] thanks
  • les
    Ive an undated 20p if anyone is interested. Can send photos as proof. Would like a reasonable offer
  • les
    Ive an undated 20p if anyone is interested. Can send photos as proof. Would like a reasonable offer email me at [email protected]
  • Weavels
    I got one of these 20p coins and tbh they will go up in value because London mint is taken them in so I'm tukin mine away in a safe fir 10 years unless any one offerin bout 500 for it then I'll will sell it. Email [email protected] cheers and thanks
  • Lisa
    I have just received my most recent purchase from ebay - a "rare" 2008 undated ~(on both sides)~ 20p coin acidentally leaked from the royal mint. I was lucky enough to pay just under £45 for it. The reason? My daughter was born in Febraury 2009 and just like the GoGo Hamsters that were all the craze at Christmas (2009), and the Aleksandr meerkats that were given to charity by Harrods (and staff at GoCompare) - it is a part of her life. In years to come, she won't be interested in a part of her history unless she can physically see it and touch it. (I was never a fan of History at school!) If she chooses' to sell it later in life for any sort of "marked" value then I will consider it a wise investment, but at the moment she has no knowledge of an items worth, and therefore it is a gift. And as with anything that you buy, I was happy to pay the price.
  • Deemo
    I have an udated 20p coin, I have locked it away in a safe place to keep because as there are not many around and one landed in my purse I feel quite lucky so I'm not selling it, unless it increases in value to a life changing amount, which I doubt very much, it is just staying locked away and continue to be my lucky coin that I get out every now and then just to make sure its still there and not fake hahaha!!
  • luke s.
    i have just found a genuine undated 20p coin (on both sides) if u would like to make me an offer please contact me to [email protected]
  • steve
    iv just got 1 of the 20p undated both sides and im selling it so make me a offer by email [email protected] thanks
  • Tyler
    i have a 20p mule coin for sale genuine can provide as many photos as possible , email me [email protected] , the best offer takes it . thanks ..
  • Gaidheal
    They are worth twenty new pence or whatever you can persuade some mug to pay for them. They're not particularly rare, even if the quarter of a million figure were the top end limit, that's a lot of coins, in reality. The hype is a direct result of London Mint Office and contrary to the idea that they are buying them all up to sell on at huge profit, they are actually just collecting details of potential new 'customers', since that is what their business model relies on. The total sum they would end up paying out even if their entire claimed allocation were taken up is trivial for the amount of valid data they would obtain - they'd need to pay a lot more for the same volume through other methods. Basically, if you manage to persuade someone to buy one, good for you but don't kid yourself that it will be incredibly valuable.
  • David B.
    So the London Mint have now doubled their offer to £100 per coin. http://www.undated20p.com/
  • the m.
    I am starting my own weblog to share my photography experiences. Do you find it challenging or simple to put up consistently?
  • stuart k.
    hi just seen the new £100 offer for the undated coin eather its no ome is taking them up or there arent as meny as first estimated lol
  • barry p.
    i have a mule 20p for sale unsure best way to sell for maximum i can but any coin dealers want to make a resonable offer then am all ears lol
  • David
    Anybody know where I can sell mine? Undated both sides good condition? Email me [email protected]
  • Bruce
    i have 10 undated 20p that are in great condition, no reasonable offer refused.....
  • END
    anybody want to sell any undated 20p coins [email protected]
  • Coin D.
    If the London Mint are offering £50 for each of these 'Mule' 20p coins, my advice is to take it. It is estimated that around 100,000 + of these coins got out into circulation, and that is a lot of coins which hardly makes them scarce or difficult to come by. I fully expect the price in a few years to settle at around £20 each for one in Mint condition if not less, as there are a lot of them out there. The real modern 'Mule' coin to find is the 1983 bronze Two Pence, which has the 'New Pence' error on the Reverse where it should say 'Two Pence'. These are fetching around £750-1000 each now as so very few of them have surfaced, and as a dealer I have only ever seen three of them.
  • Amy
    How do you sell them to the Mint office? I have filled in the form but have not received an email as it suggests and there are no contact details!
  • khayer
    Hi I refer to the comment left by the gentlemen regarding the new pence 2p coin. I have possession of one and if he wants i will sell it for £700 as I have no interest in collecting coins anymore. I also possess a few mule 20p coins as well. and yes the euphoria of the 20p has died out if anyone can get rid of them for around £40-50 after ebay fee's i take it you'll be lucky. but put these up on gumtree as its a free ad plus if the buyer does not turn up you do not have to go through the hassle of unpaid case and let it dragg for weeks.
  • khayer
    for enquiries on the xtremely rare new pence coin email me [email protected] ps the it is khayer zero (number) not "o". thanks
  • sharlene g.
    hi we have a undated genuine 20p coin, were open to genuine offers we want to sell to a collector if possible , genuine offers only please [email protected]
  • anne
    hi, i have 3 non dated 20p,s most sites say if you say you have multiple coins to sell then it is proberly a scam well let me tell you it,s not, i defo have 3 i acquired these through my job i am a cashier and got the coins in bags of change handed in by customers, when we heard of these coins we were all checking the bags of coins when they came in i was lucky enough to find 3. i have kept them and at this moment in time have no intentions of selling them i was offered 500 pounds for one of them but refused the offer.
  • kevin
    i have a genuine undated 20p if anyone is interested send your offers for consideration its in mint condition i can provide pics as proof
  • ellen
    i have a 20p undated coin but after reading all the different comments i do not know what to do with it, do i sell or keep.
  • martin
    I have 2 genuine undated 20p coins i will sell both together or on there own if anyones interested email me with offer i can provide pics,[email protected]
  • Terry
    Offers for my 20p genuine
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    Wow, superb weblog layout! How long have you ever been running a blog for? you made running a blog look easy. The overall glance of your website is fantastic, let alone the content!
  • Elijah M.
    Yo im shotting one. holla
  • David B.
    According to the article if you were to list your coin at the publication date, it would sell it for between £150 and £200. As far as I can see they are selling for around £5o tops right now. So the price trend is definitely downwards. According to the royal mint, unlike the media claims of possibly 50,000, there are "just under two hundred thousand" out there in circulation, in poor condition as a result. it seems there's further for the price to fall. I wouldn't be surprised to see them changing hands for a fiver in five or six years. I don't buy the idea that the Royal Mint is making huge efforts to remove them from circulation and an awful lot of people seem to have one, given the fact that they are still pretty difficult to spot in circulation give the huge numbers of 20p coins that have been produced. Yes there will be less that 200,000 out there but the hype so soon after minting may actually make the coins relatively more common as people have looked for them and held onto them. There are many examples of coins which have original mintage of 200,000 which have decidely lack-lustre values. The incident is interesting but hardly as unprecendented as the claim being made, get to know coins and you'll discover similar interesting cock ups all over the place. If you've got one, this article is nonsense. You want to get rid asap while you can still ride the hype bubble.
  • David B.
    A 1902 coronation crown was produced in similar numbers and that is an ounce of sterling silver. Value of a circulated one now about £30, Value of a brand new Silver 2014 one ounce maple leaf bulli0n coin about £18. So the value of the 1902 crown has hardly appreciated at all because it just isn't very rare. About as rare as your 20p mule. The thing they both have in common is that they are being avidly collected. That's what makes them common.
  • allan j.
    ihave a undated both sides 20p coin any offers
  • Susan J.
    I have an undated 20p coin which I have had since the day it went public. Any ideas where i can sell this?
  • Terry T.
    hello. 20 pence, no date, crisp talk to me. whats your best price?

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