UK dishes out first ever Microsoft scam punishment

1 April 2014

Bitterwallet - Microsoft logo Mohammed Khalid Jamil, a notorious scammer from Luton who hoodwinked thousands of Microsoft customers into coughing up their money for free anti-virus software, has been handed a suspended sentence.

Jamil was given a four-month sentence and nearly £25,000 in fines, compensation and court costs for his role in the Microsoft scam.

Making people pay for free software? Sounds like something Dell would do.

"We believe it may be the first ever successful prosecution of someone involved in the Microsoft scam in the UK," said Lord Toby Harris, chair of the National Trading Standards Board. “It's an important turning point for UK consumers who have been plagued by this scam, or variants of it, for several years. Many have succumbed to it, parting with significant sums of money, their computers have been compromised and their personal details have been put at risk."

If you haven't heard of the scam, Jamil set up a company called SmartSupportGuys and went on to hire some call centre workers in India, getting them to phone people from Britain as phoney 'Microsoft Certified' engineers. They would then try and convince people to allow remote access to computers where they are made less secure, then of course, fixed for a price.

The software used to fix the computers was available for free from Microsoft and dopes were charged between £35 and £150.

"Now that one of the many individuals who've been operating this scam has been brought to justice, it's a stark warning to anyone else still doing it that they can be caught and will be prosecuted,” Lord Harris added.

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  • Coran
    I believe the sentence was suspended for 12 months, which I believe means if he doesn't commit any further times in that time, he walks free. £25,000 fine, and how much did he profit from the scam? My bet would be more than £25,000, as the scam lasted years..
  • Octavius A.
    They should have jailed the bastard. 4 months with Mr Big turning his arsehole into a blood orange would make him and his mates think twice about doing it again. Then again, there are some people who would think of that as an incentive.
  • HF
    A photo of the guy would be good. Bearing in mind how many people have the same, or similar, name, it would seem more fair to the innocent.

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