UK court bans Gucci counterfeit seller from eBay

11 October 2008

A UK court has fined £2000 pounds, given a four month custodial sentence and banned Brian Mottram from eBay for selling fake Gucci bags. The bags were advertised as authentic but apparently weren't... shocker! We're all for some more court attention to the various scams and shysters looking for a kill on eBay because really what would be left for sale on eBay if all the fakes, scammers, and ebooks disappeared. It seems common knowledge in the deals community that eBay has become an increasingly poor place to find a genuine deal as a buyer or hassle-free experience as a seller. Maybe an increase in court activity will prompt eBay to sharpen their own internal regulation?

As an aside does anyone have further info on how the buyers got together to push this through the courts? There seems to be scant information online but it would be good to know whether it was a personal effort or a savvy law firm was involved. [ and Daily Post]

Thanks to kokogiak for the photo

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  • Sean
    From the article in the metro it appears the customer who made the police complaint was a london barrister, so may well have had some assistance tracking Mr Mottram down. It is worth mentioning that the sentance handed down by Llandudno magistrates was 4 months suspended, and that as an expat Mr Mottram (resident in France now) is unlikely to ever actually pay his £2000 fine.

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