Tumblr and MySpace hit by 'mega breach'

Tumblr and MySpace hit by 'mega breach'

A huge, huge breach has occurred, with hundreds of MILLIONS of account details being hacked from social networks MySpace and Tumblr.

And the details have been advertised for sale on the internet, which means you really should update your passwords as soon as possible.

For both networks, the personal details were stolen several years ago, but they only came to light this week. This follows millions of LinkedIn IDs being swiped and sold online.

Security researcher Troy Hunt says: "There's been some catalyst that has brought these breaches to light and to see them all fit this mould and appear in such a short period of time, I can't help but wonder if they're perhaps related."

"Even if these events don't all correlate to the same source and we're merely looking at coincidental timing of releases, how many more are there in the 'mega' category that are simply sitting there in the clutches of various unknown parties?"

Even though you might be thinking that the MySpace hack is quite funny, seeing as only 3 people currently use the service, it is actually a little serious.

The hack comes from a time when everyone used it, and the list on sale has over 360 million accounts, with email addressed, and linked passwords. If you've been using the same password since the MySpace days, and a hacker has that, and your email accounts, you see why it is an issue.

The passwords in question were protected by a pretty weak system, and it was cracked open. Some accounts have been tested, and this leak is the real deal.

"We have invalidated all user passwords for the affected accounts created prior to June 11, 2013 on the old MySpace platform," the social network said in a statement.

"MySpace is also using automated tools to attempt to identify and block any suspicious activity that might occur on MySpace accounts."

"We have also reported the incident to law enforcement authorities and are cooperating to investigate and pursue this criminal act."

As for the Tumblr accounts, that is just a list of emails, so not as potentially serious as the MySpace hack. That said, the list of emails will still be valuable to marketing scammers and phishing attackers.

You can check to see if you have been hacked or not, for free, by clicking here.

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