The fake Ryanair emergency info that is scarily believable

It hasn’t taken long for the pranksters, tricksters and fakers to get busy following Ryanair’s ridiculous proposal to charge passengers a pound every time they want to use the on-board poop-house.

This mock emergency instruction card tells travellers what to do in the event of a worst case scenario while still helping to keep those Ryanair profits sky-high.

[The Coast of Yemen @ b3ta via Gizmodo]


  • Martin
    The emergency landing fee is obviously wrong. They would never collect £25 after disembarkation. They would have a cheap, expendable eastern european collecting it in cash before they allow you off the plane.
  • Deech
    he he
  • Martin
    I completely misread it. There is the expendable eastern european to collect the money, isn't there. There will not doubt be a £4 processing fee on top of the £25 fee if paying by card.
  • steve
    You forgot to mention that seats now cost extra on Ryanair flights.. Premium class - you get a seat (£50 extra) Cattle class - standing room only (like a tube train), but access to our toilets (extra charge) Skinflint class - standing room or seated in baggage compartment - but with restricted headroom (no toilets (so take a bucket with you)
  • zeddy
    Will someone please stop giving those dicks ideas. Wait for the official announcement soon!
  • Tanya
    Way to go giving them ideas, Ryanair annoced this morning that they are considering standing room only areas on flights to fit more people in. I think they were listening.

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