The cold hard facts behind telemarketing calls

9 April 2010

Bitterwallet - because you like to spend your life on the phone

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  • Mark M.
    I've started having fun with cold-callers now. I like to come up with stupid problems that will stop me buying their products. They then try to rush off, which is a bit cheeky really :)
  • Sceptic
    @ Mark, reminds me of an old but goody prank call :
  • kev
    What I like to do is ask the salesperson for their phone number so I can hassle them when they're at home
  • Internet t.
    We get loads at work - so we ask the caller for their credit card details so that we can charge them for our time
  • Stevie
    The easiest way of dealing with them is say can you hold a second i have to answer the door or something and just leave them there and put the phone on the table or something i had one wait a good 10 mins once before hanging up
  • Nobby
    @Stevie, even better if you make noises like you are being murdered or attacked after answering the door.

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