The $3.5k Blu-ray player with a $500 one inside it

19 January 2010

500x_lexiconbd30 There’s balls and then there’s balls. And then there’s brass balls. And then there’s bomb-proof platinum balls filled with truffles and caviar. They’re the balls that are hanging between the legs of Blu-ray player makers Lexicon.

They recently launched a snazzy $3500 Blu-ray player called the BD-30 – and for that amount of money, you’d expect oodles of snazz inside it. So the good folks at Audioholics opened it up in a hunt for the aforementioned snazz. Guess what – no snazz.

Their review explains….

"When we received the player the first thing we did was open it up to get a look at the inside. Imagine my surprise when I found that not only did the Lexicon share the same boards and transport as the Oppo - it was in fact AN OPPO BDP-83 PLAYER, CHASSIS AND ALL, SHOVED INSIDE AN ALUMINUM LEXICON WRAPPER. As far as we could determine, Lexicon didn't change a single thing in terms of the hardware. Heck, they didn't even lift the boards out of the chassis, opting instead to cut out the bottom of their own chassis to accommodate the venting locations, and putting a darker blue filter over the Oppo's VFD display to give it a slightly deeper hue."

Just so you know, the Oppo BDP-83 retails for around $500. Look at the balls on Lexicon!



  • JustExtreme C.
    haha, what balls!
  • Darren
    Apple did a similar thing a few years ago in the old days of G4 Macbooks, I think the G4 MACBOOK PRO 15" was about £1200 at the time, but if you bought a White MACBOOK 13" and gave it the FULL upgrades on the checkout screen it came in a lot better spec than the MACBOOK PRO and cost £900... there is virtually no difference above between the 2.
  • Nobby
    Viz Top Tips. Buy a roll of aluminium foil and cover your DVD player to make it look like an expensive one. It will add $3000 to the value.
  • DanW
    Darren: Except obviously the much better 15" screen and the sexy aluminium enclosure. See also: every car manufacturer ever.
  • Darren
    @ DanW, I agree... no matter how many body changes you make, its still a ford.
  • Wibble
    More fool the idiots who buy the stuff. A mate of mine owns a company that sells hifi component equipment to wankers who are willing to part with about 20 grand for a record player or an amplifier. He's really rich. Bastard.
  • greg
    "G4 MACBOOK PRO " lol

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