Tap into the future with the KITT of the bathroom

They’re two very different words are ‘want’ and ‘need’ – you might want a tap in your bathroom that, thanks to a built-in camera, recognises you and dispenses the water at a temperature that it knows you like. But do you need one?

You might also want said tap to be able to check your emails for you while you wash your hands as well as update your engagements via your personal calendar. But do you REALLY need one?

The makers of the tap also have a system that will run you the perfect bath activated by a single mobile phone call from yourself. Sure, you’d want that but do you need it? Yes. Of course you do. We’re not animals, and to be frank, we’ve been forced to live as though we are for far too long now. Splish splash, let’s be having it!

[iHouse via OhGizmo!]


  • Ian
    Sometimes I like different temperatures.
  • aine f.
    no keyboard no tapping, will wait on the qwerty version.
  • Bum P.
    Read this the other day Bitterwallet = FAIL

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