Stupid spam - what's the best you can find?

11 July 2009

Occasionally we have a peek into the Bitterwallet spam box, to see if anything palatable has slipped by in error. Regardless of whether we find anything of use, we like to share the contents. It's usually a mish-mash of porn, pills and Nigerian girls in mortal danger, as well as a string of prompts to arouse our curiosity. But mostly it's a lot of old cock:

To be honest, the beer one did look tempting. Have a quick look in your spam filter today - what's the stupidest subject line you can find? Slap it in the comments below and you could be receiving a much-coveted Bitterwallet bag o'nowt.

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  • Mr S.
    "Hermit prepares to be locked in tower"
  • Bunn89
    "Answer, when you see it"
  • TJ
    What is this Spam?
  • Tom P.
    Beware, sometimes you can catch a virus from this SPAM
  • Dick D.
    FROM SUBJECT Your Dealing With Wrong Offices Should Be Noted.
  • ctuk
    from "[email protected]" subject "Dear Costumer !" How do they know I like dressing up? It would obviously draw me in - if I even banked with hsbc.
  • dude
    "Dear xxxx, fuck a one legged midget in the arsehole today" :O
  • Gemma K.
    "Dear Gemma, add some spices to your bed" Turmeric, or parsley maybe?
  • Neil
    I have had 3 great ones recently... "Your wang will reach ceiling" "Get your body must be filled with magnesium oxide" and my personal favourite "Guys with big devices never have to lick up for their fault"
  • Jennifer
    "Turn from sparrow to eagle rubadub soundness zoological" I wonder how do you get a job coming up with spam subject lines?
  • Amanda H.
    Direct cut & paste: "Cunnidlingus Guide -- Guide To Send Her To Orgasms Heaven" Is this sexual or an Ryanair type Australian Airline?
  • Mutha F.
    Taken from EDP website "Move to norwich where incest, animal sex & marrying your brother / sister is legal onder looooocal govt directive". As the sign says 'Norwich a fine city', it's just the retards that live there that spoils it. Bring back marigold :).....RIP
  • SimbaK2K
    Heres a couple from my spam box... "You can do babe 5 times a night even after you drank a lot!" "You'll peck her like crazy" "Hot boobs of Megan Fox" Now the last one gets my attention, not quite sure about the rest.
  • Rich
    Their heads are green, and their hands are blue
  • ben
    "Imagine not being hungry all day without feeling side effect" "You can afford immeasurable amount of watches" "Oprah certified wieght loss solution Acai.Berri."
  • Si
    "McCain Says Unsure if Obama A Secret Hippopotamus"
  • Chris
    The old man said, Old woman, bake me a bun
  • Sean
    My favourite of all time, was when I'd just got back from a particularly vicious visit to the toilet... And there was a spam email waiting for me that had somehow slipped through the filter, and it was titled: 'That was some good shit!' Hmm...
  • Matt
    "Do you like cookies, but your doctor forbids it? There are solutions!" COOKIE MONSTER!
  • Pedegg
    "scare ladies today"
  • Andrew R.
    [quote]Posted by Pedegg | July 12th, 2009 at 11:02 pm “scare ladies today”[/quote] LOLOL!
  • Ben
    "My girlfriend like my big pills. Youres can too!"
  • Daniel
    "Part time porn star full time filth" yes I did click on this one.
  • Me
    "Put your donut in her oven" I understand it's probably a euphemism, but for what, I have no just makes no sense...oven, yes, ok, I can see that, but donut?
  • Kev H.
    "Hello. There sat the frog, clutching"
  • Kev H.
    OK, did NOT mean to paste the link into the above comment. Just the text. Don't click it :s

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