Spammers ride the Wave to suck in punters

6 October 2009

Nobody ever gets sucked into scam emails these days. Ever. Trial and error has taught us well, and you're certainly not going to get anything by the geeks. They've seen spam in every shape and size, and there's nothing that ca- woah, a Google Wave invite! We've got one! Woop!
Bitterwallet - Google Wave spam ahoy

Let's get this mother opened up and we'll head on over to an-

Damn. Back to offering Air India-style favours for an invite, then.

TOPICS:   Scams   Technology


  • Gullible
    Hi, Fantastic, looking around for one. If you don't want it, send it on to me. Cheers
  • goon
    as gay as the iphone
  • Jospeh R.
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