Spam, or the deadliest email you'll ever receive...?

Fevered Twitter user @SamelaAnderson is in a bit of a tizzy today, what with this email she’s received.

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She calls it ‘LITERALLY THE GREATEST SPAM EMAIL I WILL EVER GET IN MY LIFE’. We think she should be on the phone to the Chinese assassin police…


  • Her L.
    If the first sifting isn't good enough, re sieve it.
  • Jolyon B.
    I'm a bit worried about receiving the gun short after it has been re sieved. Does the sifting process remove the gun longs or the gun regular sizes and therefore only leave gun shorts to be sent? Are the sieves they use available in larger sizes to enable larger sizes of guns to be available? I may have to send ASS-ASSIN an email to clarify
  • vibeone
    Wait, what time was it sent on Tuesday? The 78 hours could be up, she could have been assasinated by now!
  • nat w.
    hope the ransom doesnt go to a natwest account or their in deep shit
  • Wonkey H.
  • Poker F.
    I am confused, Her life is in his hand or her own hand? :) .... Seems cheap contract killer, he got 72 hours and he and his men had already surrounded the house.
    Oh I can't get the hang of this beastly, beastly English. I'm going home to tell mother. Somebody else can re sieve whatever it was I said I'd do. And now I've broken a nail.
  • Betty S.
    WTF is dis real?
  • Spam D.
    [...] Source: BitterWallet [...]

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