Spam Dead - Long Live Spam!

15 October 2008

In a move that should make no difference whatsoever, a massive spam-sending ring has been busted and shut down. However, experts believe that another one will be along in a few minutes to plug the gap and continue to bombard us all with pointless and annoying messages offering us magical drugs that will make our wing-wangs longer. Great.

According to the nonprofit antispam research group SpamHaus, the group, known as HerbalKing, were sending as much as a third of all the unsolicited and unwanted emails in the world before their global operation was smashed open by cybercops. Possibly in a scene that resembled something from Tron.

As a sort-of tribute, here’s some of HerbalKing’s greatest hits. We shall never see their like again. Oh hang on, we've just had six more in the last minute.

1.    Get a magic wand to satisfy your lady

2.    Allow your rod elongate

3.    Make your thing as big as life

4.    A true godsend to your little soldier of love

5.    Love tool deserving of a titan!

6.    Beef your package up with more inches

7.    Set your wife on fire

8.    Your new power is not far off

9.    Be admired for your true male merits

10.    Get the best shape of your babymaker!

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  • Anon
    Do you guys buy the writes to the images you use, or just steal them from other people's websites?

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