Sometimes scams have excellent credentials

3 November 2008

In the words of Professor Hubert J Farnsworth, good news everyone!

Bitterwallet are starting the week on an-all time high, after winning half a million quid! Woop! We've no idea what we did to enter this Dell promotion, but who cares? £500,000! All we have to do is provide our personal information, and-


Dell Award Notification:

This is to notify you that 500,000.00(GBP) pounds has been awarded to your e-mail in our end of yaer Dell online promotion. Reply to this email with your Information to file for your claims.

Contact Person: Brown .J. Williams

Claims Information:
Full Names:.... Tel:...... Sex:.... Age:.... Occupation:.... Residential Address:.

Mrs. Stella Bell
(Information Officer)

What's curious about this email is that although the return email address is an online account, it was sent from an email account at the University of Hertfordshire. We're checking into who the account belongs to; in the meantime, it goes without saying that we won't be quitting the day job just yet.

TOPICS:   Scams


  • David P.
    I can't believe you pay so much attention to your spam e-mail!
  • Vince W.
    i love how they use names like 'Brown J. Williams' to give it that colloquial touch. But J. Williams Brown minus the typos, on this occasion, would have been more convincing.

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