Shady companies swerving TPS cold-calling rules...

telephone operator The fact that 17.5 million people in the UK have signed up to the Telephone Preference Service suggests that cold-calling isn’t a particularly popular or effective marketing method. But it seems that for some companies, it’s as popular as ever.

In fact, for the occupants of some call centres, the rules and regs of the TPS don’t really exist and are something that is best ignored while they continue trying to make a quick buck with their dubious services.

One such company is Central Claims Group, who tell potential customers that they’ve received their contact details from the ‘Industrial Workers’ Register’, an organisation which, believe it or not, doesn’t exist.

Tune into BBC1’s Panorama this evening and you’ll be able to learn all about poor Tony Clark, who has been inundated with calls from Central Claims Group – they keep telling him that he should be suing his employer for compensation relating to his deafness. He’s self-employed though, so that would probably be a fruitless exercise.

You’ll see some nice undercover footage in the programme tonight, followed up by the obligatory apologising and blame-denial from CCC. But none of that is reason not to try and put a stop to nuisance cold calls from companies like them – you can easily register with the Telephone Preference Service here.


  • Sicknote
    I am on TPS and I still get cold calls about my social life and recreational activities. My advice is this and it works every time. When the caller has finished their script and asks if they can waste your time you simply say.. "...sorry but would you mind calling back later as my wife and I are just watching some porn and masturbating each other. Terribly sorry but I don't have time for you right now" OR "...hello, would you mind waiting on the line while I just finish taking this dump; you see I went for a curry last night and need to get this out of my body.....sounds of straining and groaning. Terribly sorry about this.....more sounds of groaning and straining"
  • Spencer
    I would love to know the statistics for how effective cold calling actually is... It must work cos companies still do it but I cant for the life of me think of how many people buy something they don't want on the basis of a script over the phone. *except perhaps the elderly
  • whoosh
    Hahahahah - yeah right! We are registered with TPS - and it does not stop the:- 1) we are doing a survey calls (lying) 2) any international calls (viruses, holidays, prizes) 3) you are on our database as requesting a call back calls (lying) and 4) if we had an inch of insulation for every call about insulation our loft would reach the moon! If you ask them where they got your number they lie, when you tell them we are TPS registered they go away for a day, if you ask for company details they hang up
  • Mr C.
    I'm on TPS and still get the survey calls. I'm so tempted to pass on the phone to my 2 year old as she like to chat!!
  • Numpty D.
    Who needs TPS online?(rhetorical) I just never answer the phone. I also never make outgoing calls so my phone only costs me line rental every month. Back of the net! Oh, hang on a minute...
  • Simon
    I just wind them up and say that's amazing and I am lucky to get offered such a good deal. Then tell then ' I am just not interested ' - don't say anything else but these words when they ask why, it's impossible for them to persuade you to do anything I got bored saying this last week and past him over to my 1 week old son who screamed at him down the phone !
  • Site-ul T.
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