Scamnesty - bad name, good idea, but will it change anything?

1 February 2010

Bitterwallet - Scamnesty!It's easy to be cynical about anything that involves government consumer bodies, largely because they cost metric fucktons of cash and appear to achieve sod all. That said, we'd be happy to see the likes of Scamnesty do some real good and put an end to nefarious activity, although whether its ambitions will dovetail neatly with reality is another matter.

Scamnesty is a month long initiative that'll see trading standards officers from across the UK coming together to rummage through your scam emails, texts and letters. No, really - giant yellow bins will be appearing around the country for you to post your suspect letters into. Emails? Texts? They want to have a gander at them, too.

It's all part of Scams Awareness Month - not quite as attractive as Reader's Wives Monthly and not even a month because it ends on February 26th - which launches as the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) warns that over four million adults in the UK have responded to a scam, of which a third lost money. That's fairly serious, isn't it? Why is this action only a month twenty six days long, then? If you've gone to the bother of manufacturing several hundred banana-coloured bins, it seems a shame to waste them if the problem is so widespread. And it's such a catchy name, too.

There's more information on the Consumer Direct website - let us know if anything you submit results in any sort of  positive action; we hope for the best, but we fear the worst. Actually, screw that - let us know if you see one of these bins in the wild and have a peek at how full it is - how effective is this campaign at street level? Photographic evidence, please.

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  • Nobby
    If there is no bin nearby you then let us know and we can deliver you scam mail for you for 59p a month. Just let us know your bank details, name and address, mothers maiden name and date of birth and we'll be in touch.
  • Nobby
    Look at the map ... Carlilse, Leeds, Cambridge, Exeter ... are they scam black holes?
  • Bullet
    sounds like a scam!
  • DodgyDave
    Im just gonna go bin-diving for all the names and addresses on the letters for my own spam list that i can then sell on :)
  • JJ
    never ever been conned. only thick people and pensioners who live on 2 slices of a bread a day but have half a million in the bank get sucked into these scams.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Scamnesty? That is in fact a crap title. I get the scam bit, but what's it got to do with an amnesty? Who's getting let off? And how do you put a text in a bin? Another half-arsed stunt that's more about generating publicity than actually meaning or achieving anything...
  • Junkyard
    What a bizarre idea - why are they going to let the scammers off? Amnesty, noun - a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment
  • Annie P.
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