Scammed MacBook man to raise money for charity with auction!

9 February 2015

paper laptop scam Remember the fella who bought a photocopy of a MacBook for £300? Some thought it was kinda funny, while others didn't like to see someone being scammed, leaving everyone else to shout pointlessly on about Android versus Apple.

Well, now that the hubbub has died down, the scammed man in question is trying to do something good with the whole scenario.

Paul Barrington is selling the piece of paper on eBay in a bid to raise money for the British Lung Foundation.

On the seller notes, he's written: "Item can be a little stiff to close and sometimes a bit slow to start up. Some of the keys may appear slightly smudged and the screen is stuck on the same image."

Arf. He's added on the auction page: "This is clearly an auction for a piece of paper... however, this is no ordinary piece of paper because on it is photocopied in glorious black and white the picture of the laptop I thought I had purchased."

"Now I know what you're thinking already (trust me, I've read the comments) "If it looks too good to be true then it probably is?". However, this slimline piece of paper is littered with plus points that would make the new owner the envy of his friends and colleagues. First of all how about I tell you that this piece of paper is worth at least £300? That's right - three hundred quid. I can assure you of that because that is what I paid for it. "You deserve everything you get as you didn't read the listing properly" I hear the other 50% of commenters cry even though they clearly haven't read any of the previous comments stating the same thing believing that they were the first to make such a witty retort."

"This may well be the most famous piece of photocopied paper in the world right now and has featured far and wide with its story and notoriety. I will send the paper in the same ridiculous little box that it was sent to me in and hopefully you will be slightly less disappointed than I was when it arrives."

"As you all probably know (some of you better than me it seems) I have a small problem with my lungs or in other words they are knackered. This keeps putting me into hospital where I am now on first name terms with all the lovely staff on the ward at North Devon District Hospital. I have got my money back from eBay for the scam that I was duped into. So all of the sale price of this fine Slimline A4 laptop paper will go directly to the British Lung Foundation in the hope that they can use the money to further develop treatment and cures for people like me that just want to get better and carry on with life."

So there you have it. He's got his refund and is now trying to raise some money for charity with all that press he got. We're only to happy to share this and we should hope that other outlets do too.

Click here to see the eBay auction, where 100% of proceeds will go to the British Lung Foundation.

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  • Mike H.
    Is he selling a picture of a picture? Daft cunt.
  • Mike H.
    Duped into? You funny fucker.
  • Father J.
    "is now trying to raise some money for charity with all that press he got.|" Free publicity for his DJ-ing venture, more like. If I'd paid £300 for a picture of a shit computer I'd not be jumping up and down telling the world about it. What a spacker.

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