Ofcom cracks down on nuisance callers

11 December 2014

old man on phone A pair of companies have been fined £20,000 each for making nuisance calls. Green Deal Savings and MYIML were found both in breach of recent legislation for making bothersome calls to people.

Ofcom had investigated both companies and found that they were both responsible for making calls that would involve them hanging-up or generally pestering people.

The companies have automated calling systems and would dial numbers willy nilly.

Abandoned calls occur when automated calling systems, used by organisations to maximise the time agents spend talking to consumers, dial too many numbers and there are not enough call centre agents to handle them.

However Ofcom’s policy on persistent misuse sets a limit on the number of abandoned calls organisations can make, and now insist on them leaving a message or at least some form of instruction in how to opt out of these irritants.

Claudio Pollack, Ofcom’s consumer and content group director said:  “We know that silent and abandoned calls can cause consumers annoyance, nuisance and distress. These latest fines help demonstrate to organisations that there are consequences for operating outside of the law."

This is part of Ofcom's new policy of tackling nuisance calls since it started tackling these badmen back in May 2014, which the government have admitted to hitting 'plague levels'. Ofcom estimates that MYIML, a lead generation company, made 30,296 abandoned calls between 16 December 2013 and 3 February 2014. That's, like, stalking.

So far, Ofcom has fined 15 companies, including home insurance and repairs company HomeServe, which was fined a record £750,000 in 2012.

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