Nuisance call fines triple thanks to new rules

30 December 2015

cold calling Last year, fines doled out to people responsible for nuisance calls went up to over £1 million, thanks to changes with the law.

The actual figure, which some would like to be higher no doubt, was £1.14m, which is triple from the year prior, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

If you're interested, the new rules basically lowered the threshold to issue a fine to those who are guilty of making annoying cold calls. The threshold was dropped, so that the ICO only have to prove that calls are causing a "nuisance", where previously, they have to prove calls were causing "serious damage and distress."

"Nuisance marketing calls frustrate people," said the ICO’s enforcement manager, Andy Curry. "The law is clear around what is allowed, and we've been clear that we will fine companies who don’t follow the law. That will continue in 2016. We've got 90 ongoing investigations and a million pounds’ worth of fines in the pipeline."

If you're after a breakdown, the ICO issued £400,000's worth of penalties for nuisance texts, £575,000 for nuisance phone calls, and one company - Pharmacy 2U -  were fined £130,000, after they were found guilty of selling customer records for marketing.

Also, the Telegraph Media Group (yes, the same people who publish The Daily Telegraph) got a fine of £30,000 for sending out a marketing email on the day of the general election, where they endorsed the Conservative Party.

Unsurprisingly, PPI claims were responsible for the largest portion of complaints, followed by accident claims.

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