Nil points for dozens of Clubcard members

It’s pretty creepy that Tesco use the Clubcard scheme to send targeted mail about Tena Lady and vodka (or this that just me?). But even creepier, now it seems your points might not be safe.

Today it was revealed that internet scamps have been hacking into Clubcard accounts to steal points off unsuspecting customers. Tesco and the police are investigating, and appealing for those who have been affected to get in touch.

According to Tesco the number of customers affected is ‘significantly less than 100.’ But those who’ve been hacked have been reporting login issues, and some Clubcard members have been informed that the vouchers were spent miles away from their home. Some poor sap on the Tesco site complained:
‘We logged on this month to find that £160 of vouchers that we were hoping to use at Christmas had been stolen from our Clubcard account. It had been spent in two stores in London, miles away from where we live.'

So if you see anyone in the er… London branch of Tesco wearing a balaclava and pushing a trolley full of someone else’s Christmas presents, give them what’s known in the trade as ‘an unexpected item in the bagging area’.


  • Darren
    wow a story I did not know about, do you really work for another publication Lucy? think they should replace the current team with just you!
  • Paul C.
    Fucking creep, Darren. Any sniff of skirt and you're all over it like Sid James.
  • Mr S.
    Behave yourself, Darren.
  • Darren
    bit old for me www . sabotagetimes . com/author/lucy-sweet/
  • Joey J.
    does she own a cat?
  • Dick
    I used to live in a flat and the guy above us was a real wanker. One time his clubcard vouchers were delivered to us by mistake. £30 worth. So I spent them on a bottle of scotch. No checks were made at all. I obviously made sure I didn't use my clubcard at the time.
  • noshit
    I used Tena lady once, I still got the flu though, fucking shite.
  • Sicknote
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...pause for breath....ha ha ha ha ha..TESCO are cunts.

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