More needs to be done about ticket touts

More needs to be done about ticket touts

Ticket touts and scalpers are a massive pain. Then again, so is buying tickets for events at all. The whole thing is not consumer friendly is it?

While we wait for someone to do something about erroneous, inflated booking fees, there's more calls that something needs to be done about ticket touts online.

It's a big problem too - only last week, the Local Government Association stated that music and sports fans lost over £5 million to online ticket fraud last year, which is up from the £3.35 million the year before.

In a report commissioned by the government, they're asking businesses such as Ticketmaster, StubHub, and the rest, to take measures to stop scalpers from buying tickets in bulk, which they can then sell for hiked up prices.

If you're looking for cheap gig and theatre tickets, you're not likely to find them in the hands of a tout, are you?

Professor Michael Waterson, who undertook the review said that there's "work to be done" within both the primary and secondary markets for ticketing.

He'd like to see ticketing companies providing details of the face value of the ticket, exact seat locations, and the like, to make sure sellers “fully observe the rules" set out by the Consumer Rights Act.

As for the touts, again follows the complaints of warnings that we've heard a million times before.

A spokesperson for StubHub, said: "We welcome Professor Waterson's recognition of the benefits for consumers from the secondary market and his decision to reject further legislation at this stage, including price caps and any general resale bans or bans for 'crown jewel' events."

"But we are concerned that there are still insufficient legal safeguards to stop event organisers using row and seat number details to cancel without compensation tickets offered for resale."

"Transparency should not come at the expense of people's right to resell their tickets."

The Government are apparently mulling this over, and will respond to the report in due course.

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  • elcheapo

    How come no is complaining about Tesco?  It's the law of supply and demand, pretty simple.  I've bought many tickets under cost on Stubhub and some for more.  It's either worth it to you or it's not.  Simple way to get rid of Stubhub is for the artist to keep adding shows till the tickets don't get bought.  Then the touts will lose money on all the seats they bought before.  

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