McAfee warn about threats!

McAfee warn about threats!

The good people over at McAfee have been looking at all the threats that are out to get us in the virtual world. That's what they do, after all.

McAfee Labs' Quarterly threat report (full PDF here) is bursting with warnings and things to worry you.

They say: "We explore an emerging new attack method - mobile app collusion - in which apps, viewed independently, appear benign but when they run on the same mobile device and share information, may be malicious."

McAfee also say that ransomware attacks are on the up, and that companies who fall foul of them, pay up to settle criminal demands, rather than sorting it out the other way, or protecting themselves against such things in the first place.

There's also news of Pinkslipbot.

"This backdoor trojan with worm-like abilities initially launched in 2007 and quickly earned a reputation for being a damaging, high-impact malware family capable of stealing banking credentials and email passwords, and signing certificates."

"Pinkslipbot infections dwindled in 2013 but made an aggressive return near the end of 2015. The malware now includes improved features including anti-analysis and multi-layered encryption abilities to prevent it being reverse engineered by malware researchers."

Stay vigilant, readers! And let's not say anything about the founder of the company that might get us in trouble with his lawyers, eh?

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